Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Hate" Demands an Interruption . . .

I wasn't going to do it, but I had to. Even though my "vacation" isn't really a pleasure trip (long story), I did intend to ignore politics and current events as much as possible. Well, it wasn't possible. I have to rant.

I've been watching things as the election draws nearer, and we're hearing a lot of caterwauling about "hate" and "ugly politics." Interesting how telling the truth about a candidate or asking legitimate questions gets called "ugly" and a "smear campaign," but what else is new?

Barack Obama's supporters are squealing loudly because questions are being raised about his radical associations. We're raising questions, but how are they acting? Let's review some of the news stories in recent days.

A McCain supporter gets feces thrown in the bed of his truck by an Obama-supporting neighbor. Obama-supporting officials in Missouri threaten people with legal action for raising questions about Obama. Vicious slurs about Sarah Palin's family, including who fathered her children. Officials are forced to investigate alleged ACORN voter registration fraud in several states, while ACORN representatives openly say they're pushing Obama despite their official non-partisan status.

Pro-Obama entertainers vilify, smear, insult, and get outright vulgar -- if not obscene -- toward McCain, Palin and conservatives in general. Christian conservatives especially are on the receiving end of vile attacks.

Who is hating who here? In general, you're not going to find these types of vulgar, hateful, and not to mention false, smears coming from traditional conservatives. The genuine hate and outright vulgarity is coming from the left, in droves.

Make no mistake. They are bound and determined to win this election by hook or by crook. And not only that. They are on a bloodlust for revenge. President Bush's Electoral College win in 2000 has festered and gone to gangrene. The conservative takeover of Congress in 1994 has been festering with them even longer than that.

The left truly believes that they are entitled to power. Deny them that power, and they're angry. Resentful. Vengeful. Outraged. How dare you stand in the way of their Utopian Brave New World?

They view us as the great unwashed. We can't govern ourselves. We need them to govern us, you see. They think -- as does Obama -- that we are hillrod rubes clinging to our faith and our guns.

Our money belongs to them for redistribution as they see fit. They think they have the right to dictate every aspect of our lives and our commerce. They really don't like private enterprise all that much, only as much as it helps to enrich government coffers. The Constitution is an inconvenience unless they can morph what it says like Silly Putty. That's why postmodern concepts of truth are so popular with this crowd.

And they really, REALLY hate traditional, biblical faith. Liberation Theology or liberal "Christianity" they don't mind, because it is no threat to them. Such theology has nothing to say about moral issues such as homosexuality or abortion, other than they are to be celebrated. In fact, both Liberation Theology and liberal "Christianity" are socialist/Marxist-friendly, and are usable as means to an end. The real hardcore leftists (they're basically communists, but we can't say that) consider these fellow-travelers useful idiots. They're usually the first ones shot when the radicals come to power, along with intellectuals and entertainers.

The radical left is intent on doing whatever they have to do to silence, smear and discredit their traditional, conservative opponents once and for all. If Obama wins and the Democrats capture both houses of Congress in sufficient numbers, Katie bar the door. Expect them to crack down on alternate views, talk radio, the Internet, and any other voice that opposes their agenda. No other views are tolerable.

Expect even worse outrages in public schools and universities. You see, you don't have the right to direct your children's upbringing. Your children aren't yours. They're the property of the liberal state. Better teach them and govern them according to orders, or they'll probably be taken away. You might even get sent to mandated re-education yourself. Don't think it can happen? Think "sensitivity training."

You wanted change, America? You're about to get it.

Don't say you weren't warned.


Anonymous said...

I share your frustration.

Two points:
First, educating our children. we homeschooled our son. I had a very simple rule regarding government intervention:

Attempt to take my son and you die.

Fortunately it never came to that.

Second, the government redistributing our wealth. There is about to be less monetary wealth in my pockets for them to redistribute as I am about to make a couple of gun purchases. I'll be getting a bit of ammo as well.

Have I ever mentioned my simple rule regarding government confiscation of weapons?

Palm boy said...

That looks like a post that had a long time brewing. :D

Solameanie said...

Couple this with the news today about pro-Obama businesses encouraging people to steal McCain/Palin yard signs and bring them in for free pizza. Another "dirty trick."

I'd get mad if it would do any good.

saunch said...

Hmm! Those are the exact things I've been stewing over; I couldn't have said it any better and probably can't even add to it. Other than a sincere reminder that even if all this happens, God's still Sovereign! Thanks Joel.

Stan, you must be good people! Oh, and roll Tide

Phil Perkins said...

Lately I've been thinking a lot about how this all works. If truth is told about evil, the teller of truth is ridiculed and fake, made-up-on-demand rules get invoked. Interestingly all the new rules seem to have the same effect--make the teller of truth shut up. Yet, when evil speaks anything can be said and none of these new rules are applied.

This same pattern is in effect in the "church". Expose a liar like a Warren or McLaren and the liar is defended, not on the merits of the liar's position or argument, but on the mere statement that the truth teller is "mean".

It is also done to parents. Don't be "mean" and tell your child no.

It is done to teachers. Can't flunk a kid, even if he's stupid or lazy.

Don't go "negative", and on and on it goes.

Well,.....what if the negative is true?

Just thinking,
Phil Perkins.

Anonymous said...

You sound like good people too.

War Eagle!

If a team has to win the national championship, it might as well be one from the SEC. And it is NOT going to Auburn.

Solameanie said...

You sports people. I lost what little interest I had in sports when I went to a Milwaukee Brewers game and had to pay $10 for a Coke.

Okay, a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much.

Anonymous said...

Never drink at a game. You might have to go to the restroom and miss something in the game.

You save money AND see all the action.