Monday, October 27, 2008

Is Anybody Listening About Obama?

As this clip -- first highlighted by Matt Drudge -- reveals, Barack Obama is pretty clear about his redistributionist views. The clip is from a 2001 interview on Public Radio.

What's even more amazing is Obama's view of our Constitution. It's outdated and gets in the way of his grand schemes to remake this country in the socialist/Marxist image from the ground up. I've always been aggravated with liberals and their view of a "living, breathing document" (read that to mean bend me, shape me, anyway you want me), but Obama goes much further than that.

Rather than revering the wisdom of our Founding Fathers and the remarkable foundation that they left us, Obama apparently thinks they made a huge mistake, and that their hard labors need to be trashed. Think the mainstream media will draw attention to that? I doubt it.

All I can say at this point is that if this country is stupid enough to elect this radical, this country deserves just what it's going to get. I would laugh, but it's really not very funny. The thought of the United States becoming like a Warsaw Pact nation doesn't fill me with very much pleasure.


Anonymous said...

I guess the voting public has NOT read Animal Farm.

Phil Perkins said...

Dear Sola,
Don't let your heart be troubled. This is good news in the kingdom. I fully expect to be persecuted as Christians ought.

How is this good news? Well, when we are being hunted, fired from our jobs, thrown out of our houses, and jailed, Benny Hinn's lies, and Joel (the Horesehead) Olsteen's plan for happiness and prosperity on this earth won't sell, because all those going to the underground church will know better.

The "church" will go away or become an arm of the state or of Hollywood, leaving a purified remnant. Then the gospel in this land will be restored, so that the unsaved can again hear it from their neighbors.

Christians will once again be separated as we ought to have been from the beginning.

In Christ,
Phil Perkins. PS--Put your treasure in heaven, Not the US.

Phil Perkins said...

I suppose you heard about the news anchor in Florida. When she asked Joe Biden in an interview how Obamarx. differed from Karl Marx while advocating wealth redistribution, Biden got very rude.

BUT the significant statement from Biden later, when he told someone that reporters "don't have the right" to ask just any question they want. Couple that with their trash job on Joe the Plumber and the Democtratic idea to bring back the "Fairness" Doctrine, and the Liberal laws currently being enacted to put folks in jail who object to saying the sodomy is wrong. We are about to lose the very basic right to speak.

Christians will probably be the first thrown in the clink or sued.
But this is good news. Persecution is an honor and confers upon the saint a closer bond to Christ than he could otherwise have. Read Phil. 3.

In Christ,
Phil Perkins.

Rob Auld said...

So does that mean African American's are only worth 1/3 of Caucasion Americans? That's what it says in your Constitution. I'm not an American, but didn't the founders make provisions for editing the document? Doesn't that make it a living document?


Phil Perkins said...

No, actually that makes it an amendable document. If it had a pulse it would be alive.

The Constitution didn't ever say African Americans were 1/3 of anything. Article one, section 2, made a compromise. Slaves were to be counted as 3/5 their actual number in the census for purposes of proportional representation of the states in Congress and for the distribution of taxes.

So, you're wrong on both counts.

It's been a while. Remember this?

Phil Perkins.

Solameanie said...

Hi, Rob..where hast thou been?

Yes, the Founders made amendment provisions in the Constitution, but purposefully made it very difficult to do because they didn't want wholescale tampering with our founding principles.

The "living, breathing" concept you approvingly cite is leftist doublespeak for "the Constitution means whatever we want it to mean at the moment." No wonder Emergents like the idea. It's the same way many Emergents handle Scripture.

Phil Perkins said...

Rob is an emergent and a very angry one. And a very poorly informed one.

Nevertheless, he opens up a good point and that is the unhealthy association between Christianity and Americanism in many churches. The reformed folks seem to do less of this, but being raised an Evangelical, I can tell you many of them actually have a flag in the "sanctuary" and see this as God's country.

That has never been the case, though one might point out that many of its citizens were once real saints who exerted biblical influence upon it. If you believe we have ever been a righteous nation, interview persons of color about the histories of them and their families.

In Christ,
Phil Perkins.