Friday, October 03, 2008

The Palin-Biden Debate and Media Spin

Just when you thought you were irritated enough at the media, here comes this little bit of reportage. What irks me about it is this. If you read the article, you'd come away thinking Joe Biden defeated Sarah Palin in last night's debate. The AP uses two polls -- one from CNN and the other from CBS -- to reach that conclusion. Funny, but when you look at other polls, you get a different conclusion.

Isn't it also interesting that when people registered their viewpoints by calls, text messages, and especially focus groups broadcast live on television — places where the results couldn't readily be filtered by interested individuals — Sarah Palin gets the nod as having won the debate.

You see, the media think that Obama is god, and they're going to ram him down our throats whether we want him or not. Don't get me wrong. I think Joe Biden performed well and didn't make any of the gaffes he usually makes. But Sarah Palin could have left the Delaware senator in a gibbering heap, and it wouldn't have mattered one iota to the media. They can't give Palin anything more than the damnation of faint praise.

Between the Iron Curtain of a hostile left wing media, and groups like ACORN and others intent on gaming the voting booth, it is obvious that the left is going all out to make sure they win this time.

If they do, we'll be sorry. Big time.


Anonymous said...

The writer of that article is a nut. How anyone could come away from watching the debate thinking Palin didn't win is beyond me.

saunch said...

Almost everything I've seen and read today intimates or outright says that Joe Biden won. Were we watching the same debate? And these fools that say Biden won on knowledge; what he won on was the ability to throw out so much garbage that no one could focus on any one of his "points". It doesn't matter apparently to the media or left that half of what he said just wasn't true. It's the APPEARANCE of content rather than actual substance that the sheep in this country are apparently attracted to. And anyone who thinks that being in congress is better experience than being governor or even a mayor has never been in a real position of leadership. NOTHING ever gets done by committee; someone always has to make the ultimate decisions and take the ultimate responsibility. The best job qualifications for being a member of congress is having been a vaseline or used car salesman (and I apologize to all the used car salesmen who have more integrity than most of our congress). Our best Presidents have always been Governors and Mayors and people who have led small or large businesses. Well, if God forbid, Obama wins this election, this country will get what it deserves. And even as bad as that will be, for believers we will still need to remember that God is Sovereign and ultimately still in charge.