Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sowell: Obama Presidency Would Be Tragedy

African-American scholar Dr. Thomas Sowell is usually a prescient man, and I always enjoy reading him. In this column, Dr. Sowell sounds a serious warning about electing Barack Obama to the White House.

I can imagine the hate from the far left will start pouring into his mailbox shortly.

P.S. Here's more words of wisdom from David Kupelian.

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MadTownGuy said...

Not much has been mentioned about Barack Obama’s proposal for reforming healthcare and its potential impact on the insurance industry. Sen. Obama’s plan putatively supports participation of private insurers along with a federally-funded insurance plan, but does not put them on an even playing field, giving special advantage to the national plan. Further, it contains provisions guaranteed to make stratospheric costs skyrocket somewhere out past the moon’s orbit. Simply by removing the ability of insurers to use pre-existing condition clauses will increase costs drastically. It’s not unlike requiring all drivers to obtain liability insurance and then not allowing for rate adjustments (or the ability to decline coverage) for prior driving experience. The end result could well be a crisis in the insurance and healthcare industries similar to what we have just seen in the financial universe.

It’s also arguable that people with chronic diseases like AIDS who previously were unable to obtain private insurance would obtain benefits for treatment. While I’m not about to argue against something that could potentially save lives, once again there would be a substantial cost added to the private and national insurance programs that would be a direct result of eliminating the pre-existing condition clauses, and I doubt those costs are being widely publicized by the Obama campaign. One strong proponent of universal healthcare is the co-founder of ACT UP, Eric Sawyer, whose views can be seen at:

I must wonder about the push for gay marriage and civil unions and whether there are any statistics that support the actuality of ‘monogamous’ relationships for unmarried partners of any sexual preference. The buzz around liberal Madison has been that this was a way to obtain health insurance while waiting for single payer’s presumptive arrival; all this while promiscuous relationships abound. I wonder.