Monday, October 06, 2008

Young Conservatives? What Conservatives?

Take a good look at this USA Today front page article. The article grabbed me from the outset with this . . .

Some voters under 30 are conservatives. An equal number are liberals. But a striking majority of the Millennial generation agrees on one thing: who should be the next president.

A USA TODAY/MTV/Gallup Poll of registered voters 18 to 29 years old shows Democrat Barack Obama leading Republican John McCain by 61%-32%, the most lopsided contest within an age group in any presidential election in modern times. Obama's margin is overwhelming across four groups of younger voters, divided by their engagement in the election, their optimism about the future and other factors.

First, let's review the math. "Some" under 30 are conservatives. An equal number are liberals. But 61% of voters 18 to 29 want to put Obama in the White House? If that is the case, those young skulls full of mush are NOT conservatives.

Let me be clear. I don't think all young people are "skulls full of mush." Far fromt it. Many think quite deeply despite the lack of years under their belts. The Apostle Paul encouraged Timothy not to let people despise him because of his youth. There are many fine young conservatives out there who are intent on making a difference. I think of the folks at Rebelution. I think of Palm Boy and his friends over at Pushing Back the Frontiers of Ignorance. I should note that they are all Christians as well as conservatives. But for our purposes, I am emphasizing "conservatives."

There is no way a genuine conservative who is sound on his or her principles will be voting for Barack Obama. Barack Obama is the diametric opposite of everything conservatives stand for. Voting for Barack Obama in tandem with a leftist, Democratic Congress will ensure the conservative movement gets set back generations.

This article makes much of the idea that Obama "understands this generation" better than John McCain. He certainly must, because if this story is accurate, he's managed to push the right buttons and con a lot of young people excited by the rock star aura of the candidate. They're so excited that they're failing to think about the ramifications of what they're about to do.

Just why this sort of political tsunami is taking place -- if it is -- will merit much study. Perhaps it might be because traditional American history and values increasingly aren't taught in public schools or universities without disdain. Perhaps it might be because we have an increasingly me-first, self-centered generation (and plenty of baby boomers fit that description, believe me). Perhaps it's the influence of the media and rock stars, the majority of which sing the leftist song and dance. Perhaps it's because conservative leaders in Congress and the White House stopped governing like conservatives and failed to lead by true conservative principles. That might have made the younger generation think those values are bankrupt. They're not. They just weren't followed.

I'm sure there are many factors. But in a nutshell, this country is about to make a very, very profound mistake.

You want higher taxes? You want lax national security? You want genuine loss of freedom? You want Islam to have a deeper root in our society? You want socialized medicine and all that entails? You want America governed by values foreign to our society and foreign to our founding principles? Okay. Push the button for Obama. Go right ahead. You'll be sorry in the long run.

You've been warned.


TelegramSam said...

This election is a graphic demonstration of the culture war that we are experiencing. Christians lost the battle in the schools a generation or two ago, more recently it has been lost in the churches, and now we are going to lose it “at the polls”. We are at the tipping point where those with a worldly-based moral foundation outnumber those with a Biblically-based moral foundation. The current societal environment leads me to believe that as a country we have entered into the same kind of moral spiral as is described in Romans 1:18-32.

Solameanie said...


I think you're right. I was just talking with my stepfather wondering how this country could be on the verge of making such a stupid mistake, and was reminded of something John MacArthur said about how a culture given over to sin loses the ability to think.