Saturday, November 08, 2008

Another Episcopal Diocese Bolts the Communion

It appears there's been yet another defection in the Anglican Communion. This time, it's the diocese in Quincy, Illinois. The reason, of course, is the growing apostasy of the Episcopal Church, which is the U.S. arm of the Anglican Communion. The chief reason this controversy has erupted is the decision to allow an openly homosexual bishop to remain in office.

I note with a grim chuckle that the head of the Episcopal Church, Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, said she "laments the departure." She doesn't lament it enough to repent, and the rest of the Anglican Communion doesn't appear to lament the schism enough to repent. And because of their incessant inclination to give the middle finger to Scripture, this schism will continue to widen as more Bible-believing Anglicans and Episopalians leave for more orthodox ground.


lee n. field said...

Does the Bishop "lament their departure" enough to not sue them for the property?

emma v said...

The property is not theirs to do with what they will, but the property of the local official diocese.
If these people wish to leave let them go, pack their bags but leave the church property they so hate.
Let them become conservative republicans and evangelicals with no purpose but to hate their fellow person.

Solameanie said...

Nice try, Emma, but this is an argument you won't win. Legal issues aside with property, the Episcopal Church needs to decide whether it's going to remain true to Christ and His Word, or continue down the road to apostasy. Scripture is abundantly clear on the issue of homosexuality.

People such as you love to throw the word "hate" around, but you might as well look in the mirror to find the true haters. You begin by hating God and His Word.

If evangelicals hate anything, it is sin and the consequences of sin, which are horrific. Homosexual practice is sin and will result in eternal separation from God, and that's directly from God's Word. Calls for homosexuals to repent are far from hatred. Rather, it is the utmost in loving to warn them about their behavior and its eternal consequences.

Truly regenerate Christians are not going to run Scripture through a shredder. Instead, they love God and His Word, and will seek to obey it out of love for Him.

You seem to want the appearance and warm fuzzies of a vague spirituality, but want nothing to do with the real article.

Stan McCullars said...

Emma sure sounds bitter.

It amazes me that a disproportionate number of the people who get nasty while commenting on blogs don't make their profile available.

Phil Perkins said...

I'm takin' bets right now. How many of you would bet that Emma (who loves everyone, but all the rest of you don't and we know that because she says so) is in favor of killing the unborn?

Doesn't love them, huh?

Stan McCullars said...

I wouldn't bet against it.