Saturday, November 22, 2008

Arrrrgh! Media!

This evening on The Fox Report, anchor Julie Banderas was interviewing former Mondale campaign manager Bob Beckel on the forming Obama Cabinet. In responding to a question about the supposed "centrist" nature of Obama's picks, Beckel said that, prior to Bill Clinton, there hadn't been a Democratic administration in 30 years.

Excuse me?

Let's count back. Bill Clinton. George H.W. Bush. Ronald Reagan. Jimmy Carter. . .

Jimmy Carter? Between Carter's 1977 election and Clinton's inauguration in 1993, that's 15 years. Not 30.

Before Carter, we had Gerald Ford, and Richard Nixon before him. And Democrat Lyndon Johnson before him.

I would think there ought to be some minimum knowledge of history out there, don't you?



Phil Perkins said...

Did you watch the Palin-Biden debate? Biden told Palin that the Vice President had nothing to do with the Congress and the Constitution's Article I laid out the pqwers of the Executive Branch.

!. Article I lays out the powers of Congress; Article II tells us about the Executive Branch

2. The VP chairs every session of the Senate! And he's spent how many decades infecting our Senate?

Could you imagine how the media would have had an explosion if Palin was that stupid? I think the fact that Biden said stuff that off base isn't actually an indication that he is stupid. He told those two lies to win a point in the debate, knowing the press wouldn't call him on it.

Just my opinion.

saunch said...

Phil, I think you're right on there. While your average media person may be that stupid, Biden probably isn't. Although he probably thinks the average American is as dumb as the media. To the liberal, "truth" is subjective and always changing. Any lie is acceptable as long as it enables them to ultimately get what they want. The ends always justifies the means.

Solameanie said...

Yes, it is aggravating that nobody called Biden on it.

I can't wait for him to be overseas on a diplomatic mission and then pop off with some huge gaffe.

Phil Perkins said...

Proverbs 21:1.

lee n. field said...

"hadn't been a Devilcratic administration in 30 years. " Oh, who'll notice a little sloppiness? Certainly not their base.

You've maybe seen the video on Youtube, of someone interviewing O. supporters on basic facts? Appalling if true (and I'm sure some doozies could be cherry picked from the R. side).

Off on a related tangent. Joel, you're a media/news guy. If we're moving into a time in our history like we're all afraid we are (further left than FDR, think maybe 30s Germany), where do we get good quality news? MSM is a lost cause, Internet may or may not remain free, may or may not be reliable.

And, brush up on your PGP/GnuPG skills.

Phil Perkins said...

You said, "And, brush up on your PGP/GnuPG skills."

What's that?


lee n. field said...

Pretty Good Privacy (, or it's open source equiavlent Gnu Privacy Guard ( Public key encryption for the the rest of us. Locking down your files, sending encrypted email that can't be cracked by brute computation in the expected lifespan of the Universe, signing emails to the end that your recipients know they're from you, and are not spoofed.

Phil Perkins said...