Saturday, November 29, 2008

Here's Another View . . .

This evening, I am in the mind to write a little love letter to the terrorists out there. My last post was similar, but I don't think I was graphic or clear enough in my attempt at communicating just how disgusted I am at their murderous ways. I hope they don't forget that America is not Europe. We still execute here.

In the last post, the electric chair shot was taken at the Cook County Jail in Chicago, back in the days when they were allowed to execute there. In Illinois, the death penalty statute at the time permitted counties with populations in excess of one million to carry out their own executions. Chicago is in Cook County, therefore they qualified. The last execution by electric chair in Illinois actually took place at the Cook County Jail in 1962. Cop killer James Dukes was the one who got fried.

Yes, that was the chair pictured in my last post. The shot was taken from the side, unfortunately without someone strapped in. In case the side view wasn't sufficient, you terrorists, take a gander at the photo in today's post. This photo is of the electric chair once used -- and now stored -- at Stateville Prison near Joliet. They're keeping it on ice just in case it should be needed again. There's a second one in storage also, once used at Menard State Prison near Chester. While Illinois now uses lethal injection, there is a proviso to bring these chairs out of mothballs if necessary. They're waiting for you terrorists, arms wide open.

Now, for the terrorists' contemplation. Imagine the brine-soaked sponge and electrode strapped to your shaved skull, perhaps with a bit of conducting jelly to aid passage of the current.

Next, imagine the second electrode strapped with another brine-soaked sponge to your right leg. Some states have used electrodes on both legs.

The current used varies from state to state. In Virginia, it averages about 1,800 volts. Here in Illinois, when we use the chair, we do it right. We use about 2,400 volts, in at least two or three cycles. We want to be sure you're cooked done.

Of course, things don't have to be this way. You could repent of your sins and turn your back on terrorism. Trust me, if you choose terrorism and what you think is martyrdom, you won't get 72 virgins. You'll be in Hell instantaneously after death. If you end up going to the chair, you'll burn twice. Once for a couple of voltage cycles, and then in eternity, way down deep in the Lake of Fire.

My Bible says that God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked. I know that I am supposed to feel the same way as His disciple, but it's difficult. Your murderous acts are so despicable. Right now, I feel very little sympathy for you, except in wonderment how you could possibly be so deceived in believing that murder will merit you heaven. You fools. You stupid, stupid fools.

Lord, have mercy on them . . . and on me. It's been said often enough, and it's true. "But for the grace of God go I."


Stan McCullars said...

I have what may be a better method of execution.

While they're awake, with no anesthesia of course, cut open their stomach and pour in some freshly harvested pig intestines and sew them shut.

And then wait.

Before doing that to the terrorists it might be a good idea to do it to their mothers, fathers, siblings, children and wives. The terrorists could watch them die as they await their own punishment.

Yeah. That should do it.

Solameanie said...

I always struggle with thoughts like that, Stan. I know that the Lord doesn't approve of vengefulness, and He tells us to leave room for the wrath of God. But it's difficult when you see hundreds of people being killed, and knowing that those who planned and orchestrated the whole thing are gloating and rejoicing at the bloody outcome.

These people are such demon-possessed zealots I don't think they'd care what happened to their families. The only good execution would do is removing them from the scene, and hopefully deter someone else from going down the same path.

Stan McCullars said...

Ah, but they wouldn't like being desecrated with pig intestines prior to their death.

Randy said...


You have the guts to write what I only think. I'm in total agreement with you and I'm no pacifist. Thanks for staying on the frontlines in this end time scenario before us.