Friday, November 28, 2008

Muslim Terrorists . . . Grrrrrr!

For the record, not just Muslim terrorists. Any kind of terrorists. The incident in Mumbai (Bombay) India is revolting. Rather than caving in to these beasts, this incident should only serve to make lawful authority in each nation more resolute to hunt these animals down. And once they're caught . . .


Mberenis said...
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Stan McCullars said...

Personally, I would like to find some of them sons of ******* and make their mothers childless.

Solameanie said...

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Agreed. I often think people confuse the duty of the church, which is evangelism to win these guys to Christ. In the meantime, the God-ordained duty of the state is to swing the sword of justice. Or pull the switch, as it may be.

Kalev said...

I agree that It's a Christians job to evangelize and pray for these people as much as we're able. But we do have a right to defend ourselves and to make use of the justice system that has been put into place.

I think we should start doing what General Pershing did in the Philippines when they had a Muslim terrorist problem. Soak the ammo in pigs blood right in front of them and proceed to execute them one by one leaving only one of them alive to spread the word of what happened. This tactic was very effective when it was used and the terrorists became less of an issue for many years after this demonstration.
We can't treat terrorists like the green peace people who get on our nerves with their protests but don't really do anything destructive at the end of the day.(not to say that they don't do anything destructive because I know that they have in the past)

It's time to introduce them to God. At the tip of a bullet or the flick of the switch. It has to happen in order to stop this kind of behavior.