Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Sunday Prayer

Please join me today in praying for the people of India in the midst of their great tragedy. Pray that God will use this situation to draw many to Himself, and away from false gods.

Pray also that the ones who are responsible for the attacks (the ones who ultimately planned it and ordered it done) will be caught and brought to swift justice.

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December Sun Blog said...

It is good to stay vigilant in praying for India, especially if you are in a position like I am, and a majority of your co-workers are in India, and your company makes lip service to the importance of our "diversity", etc, while turning a blind eye to violence and human rights violations that seem to be more and more prevelent in India.

We need to be praying not only for India, but that companies in the United States that exploit labor from India will also become more vocal about the reality of human rights violations in this country. Pray that companies using Indian workers won't ignore what's going on over there.