Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What Is a Cult?

With yesterday's anniversary of the Jonestown massacre in Guyana, I thought it would be a good idea to review the controversial subject of cults. For starters, I will post the definition of "cult" we use at the Institute for Christian Apologetics. And that is . . .

Two or more people who have a real or imaginary need they are trying to meet or fulfill by believing that which is false about the Person and work of the biblical Jesus Christ."

On the surface, that seems like a very broad definition. One reason we did it that way was because of the litigiousness of today's society. I'd love to see a judge rule on that definition. But there are other reasons that we'll highlight later.

I am limited on time today, so I will leave it here for now. Discuss at will.


TelegramSam said...

Thanks for the be more exact the link address to the article is

I've been to that web-site before and it has tons of their radio shows posted on it, but sadly nothing else on the site seems to get updated. It would be cool if they had more new written information along with the radio shows. BTW are you the same "Joel Griffith" that is on the radio show? If so, you guys do a good job! Does your co-host have a blog too? If so, could you post his blog address?

Solameanie said...

Yes, that's me. However, I am not involved in maintenance of the site. We do have a guy that volunteers his time working on the website and posting the radio programs, but in terms of other content, we have a lot of work to do. My time is certainly limited at my full time ministry, and what I do with ICA is on the side, including being on the board.

crownring said...

A definition worth pondering, Sola. I am still finding myself defending Christianity against those who want to paint us all under the the utterly vile actions of Westboro Baptist. If anything, your definition defines Westboro's CULT to a T.

Randy said...

Some will throw in the towel on me but that's okay. I also believe that the whole Papal religion is a cult too! Your take?