Monday, December 22, 2008

Bigots, Haters and Studied Ignorance

What a shame -- here a couple of days before Christmas -- to have to post something like this. But I couldn't let it pass.

Kerry Kennedy, daughter of the late Bobby Kennedy and former wife of Andrew Cuomo, was on Fox & Friends this morning and accused evangelical pastor Rick Warren of "hate speech." The context was that Barack Obama's selection of Warren to deliver an invocation at his inauguration has caused huge controversy with homosexual activists and the far left.

Not to be outdone, openly homosexual Congressman Barney Frank chimed in. “Giving that kind of mark of approval and honor to someone who has frankly spoken in ways I and many others have found personally very offensive, I thought that was a mistake for the president-elect to do,” said Frank, a Massachusetts Democrat, today on CNN’s “Late Edition."

I am beginning to get rather tired of this Goebbels-like propaganda, aided and abetted by the media who don't challenge them. Steve Doocy is supposed to be a devout Catholic, and I am surprised he let Kerry Kennedy's remark go by without a peep. And don't tell me that the Fox & Friends trio don't express their opinions. They do it all the time. But they didn't this time. So I'll do it. The real hate and bigotry is coming from the homosexual activists and their supporters. Just watch their demonstrations. They don't understand the motivations of Christians in the least, nor do they want to understand them.

First, to Ms. Kennedy. She just released a book on being a Catholic today, and her viewpoints on this do not jive with the teachings of Roman Catholicism. I think she needs to have a good talk with her bishop, and then repent of her insult to Bible-believing evangelicals AND her fellow Catholics who still believe what their church teaches on the subject. I am not a huge Rick Warren fan for other theological/methodological reasons, but his stance on same-sex marriage has been correct. It is sin. It is immoral. It is ultimately destructive to the family and to society.

As to the Congressman, what else is there to say. This man is -- and has been for a long time -- in unrepentant gross sin. Every day he draws breath is mercy and grace from God, and opportunity for him to repent. Like all of us, Mr. Frank might well wake up tomorrow in eternity. In Barney's case, it will be without Christ. He will be standing before the God he defies. Then it will be too late, and the result will be eternal separation from God in Hell. That's a tragedy, because it doesn't have to be that way. Will he listen in time? God alone knows.

Ultimately, that's where all of this ends up. From liberals like Kerry Kennedy to homosexual activists and their hangers-on, their problem really isn't with me, Rick Warren, or any other Bible-believing Christian. Their ultimate problem is with God Himself, who calls homosexual conduct an abomination and says plainly that those who practice it will not inherit His kingdom. That is the truth, but when those who practice and love this sin hear that warning, it drives them wild with rage. Rather than understand the love behind the warnings of God (and His people), they lash out in hate and anger. Their sin means more to them than righteousness.

It's funny, because when I say all of us have sinned, I do mean all. Christians are not lily white. All Christians have had to come face to face with their sin -- whatever form it takes -- and acknowledge it to God with repentance. All of us have had to admit that we cannot save ourselves. We need a Savior, and the righteousness that only saving faith in Christ produces. Only His blood can cleanse us of our sin, and only His Holy Spirit can enable us to live righteous lives. There is no other way. No other alternative. For anyone.

In the meantime, the modern-day Goebbelses will continue to spew their nonsense, and the steady drumbeat of lies will no doubt sway the gullible in sufficient amounts to help them further achieve their goals.

God help us.


Joe B. Whitchurch said...

Bold, clear, sadly for all who refuse to respond to clear biblical truth, it is also quite true. Though some who are gay do not practice, and others who engage do not necessarily promote gay marriage because of their concern that children be socialized by a loving committed parental authority from both genders. Still, living contrary to known truth, regardless of the sin, is dangerous indeed. Thanks for not letting the news sit without meaningful response.

Even if the news spokespersons are powerfully corrupt Senators or powerful and pretty political celebrities. You are prophetic hear in the best sense of the word.

Joe B. Whitchurch said...

'Hear', should have been 'here', but both work if you take my error as an exhortation to 'hear'.

Ktisophilos said...

See also Handling the barrage of homosexual half-truths: Resisting strategies that try to make us compromise God’s Word by Adrian Bates, Creation Ministries International (New Zealand).