Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bronchitis . . .

This pattern is all too familiar.

Flu. Yuck. Ache, cough, gag, sneeze, toss and turn.

Now, bronchitis. Cough. Lung burn. Phlegm. Yucky, thick, almost black phlegm.

Doctor. Antibiotic. Hydrocodone cough syrup. More staying at home and lying under vaporizer. Grouchy, owly temperament.

I am hoping (and praying) it doesn't end up in pneumonia like it has done before.

In the meantime, the world goes by. The governor of my state ends up getting arrested for corruption, but for Illinois and Chicago, what else is new? Between that, plus another Christmas display outrage and a so called "day without a gay" (wouldn't that be nice), and my things to vent about are piling up like my workload from the office.

But I just don't feel like waxing eloquent at the moment.

I'm sure you understand.


lee n. field said...

"The governor of my state ends up getting arrested for corruption, but for Illinois and Chicago, what else is new?"

It's new for it to happen when he's in office. And here's hoping the spider at the center of that web is next. Hizzoner certainly looked agitated and distracted in the video clip I saw.

Never mind. Go get some sleep and take care of yourself.

Solameanie said...

You make me think of the old, old cartoon where they used Milton Berle as the model for a spider. "Do you wanna take a walk? Do you think you'll get away. Yuk, Yuk, Yuk."

If Daley (Hizzoner) goes down, I'll truly be amazed. His father managed to escape the noose, but ended up dying of a heart attack. Who knows what will happen with Junior.

Maybe if it does happen, Chicago might have a Republican mayor. (snort)

Kalev said...

Republican mayor...

You know, I hate to sound like the pessimist of the conversation (I know how much you like to take that roll Joel lol) but aren't they all the same now days? lol Don't get me wrong, I would love to have the lesser of two evils in there. The slower acting poison... but the second law of thermal dynamics says that order can't last forever... everything goes from order to chaos lol...

Just me thinking out loud.

Get well Joel :-)


Solameanie said...

As our friend Tony Banks once wrote:

"Red Day on Blue Street, this world promises everything.

Old Shoes on New Feet Again, nothing changes."

Randy said...


Been there done that. You must feel horrible. May God restore you to health soon.

As far as the Chicago thing goes, I cannot believe GQ named it America's favorite city. I could almost write a book on the corruption of Chicago throughout its history. Definitely not "my kind of town!"

It really doesn't surprise me another official goes down the tubes. You know, it should surprise me when a government official takes a dive. But when it doesn't surprise me, it shows me the times we are in.


Gilbert said...

A friend pointed out to me that if Blago gets prison, it will be the last 4 out of the 8 governors we have had that have gone to jail during or after office.

We sure know how to pick them here.