Monday, December 01, 2008

Willie Nelson Crosses the Line

I'll admit at the outset that I've never been a huge Willie Nelson fan. A good chunk of that stems from the fact that I don't like country music in general, although there are a few exceptions.

That aside, my distaste began with Willie's open advocacy of marijuana usage. This distaste was furthered along when I saw Willie's appearance in the 1979 film "The Electric Horseman." One of Willie's lines in the movie had him announcing his desire to go find a woman to perform an act that shall remain nameless on this family blog. Given his general unkempt appearance, I'd be amazed that any woman would want to get near him, much less do something like that. But I digress.

These previous things roused my disdain, but now my ire has been raised. On Bill O'Reilly's "Reality Check" segment, it was revealed that Nelson is releasing a Christmas-themed song/video, where he plays a Wise Man offering marijuana to the baby Jesus. The video shows Willie robed like a shepherd or a Wise Man, and shows the manger with marijuana plants and smoke around it. Blasphemous and disgusting.

To my knowledge, Willie Nelson has made no profession of faith in Christ. He has long been associated with far-left activism. Even without a personal confession of faith, you would think that he would at least have some restraint about insulting a good chunk of his fan base. The country-western audience is notoriously conservative. Maybe that's why Willie has branched more into the pop audience in recent years. Who knows.

The long and short of it is that I hope Nelson garners a huge backlash from this grotesque, insulting and yes -- blasphemous -- song and video. And now that I've expressed that hope, I will conclude with a question.

Do you think Willie will write and release a song/video about Muhammed smoking dope, or taking child brides to bed?

I think we know the answer to that one.


Ron said...

I have one issue (as if there's only one, HA) with the media. At what point does a media outlet such as O'Reily, actually become an accomplice in the promotion of such harmful and blasphemous stuff? Was it when he played a portion of the video? I am of the opinion that just mentioning Nelson and the subject matter would have been sufficient to make the point. But that would not have been as shocking.

Linda Lee said...

Please check your facts before you start writing. Willie Nelson has a strong faith. He was raised in the Christian faith by his grandparents in Abbott, Texas, and attended the Methodist church there. When he was younger, he taught church school. His first performance was at the church. He has recorded several acclaimed gospel albums. Two years ago, he purchased the Methodist Church in Abbott, to prevent it being sold, so that it could continue to hold church services.

You (and Bill Riley) have no sense of humor.

Solameanie said...


Horse hockey. Someone with a strong Christian faith wouldn't pull a stunt like this. You're talking about God Incarnate here, the one who paid for our sins with His own life. It's not a laughing matter. If you knew your Scripture, God struck people dead for not treating Him as holy.

It sounds to me like the usual story. Church going by tradition i.e. "Sunday go to meetin'" but never taking root and germinating into saving faith. All the "good works" in the world aren't enough to earn one drop of Christ's blood. If you think church going and recording Gospel albums is what saves you, think again.

Solameanie said...

While I am at it, the last time I checked, marijuana usage and possession was illegal. So breaking the law is now a Christian practice?

Ron said...

Linda Lee,

I see by your blog that your either an lawyer or involved in law. That being said, you're most likely adept at research. How about doing some research, using only Scripture (no extra-Biblical resourses) to make your case where
Jesus would find any humor in any part of this video and the subject matter included.

Solameanie said...


It goes beyond even that. She accuses me of not doing research, but she hasn't done any on Willie Nelson, or so it seems. His theology is anything but Christian, and that's out of his own mouth and in his own book. See tomorrow's post on the subject.

Kalev said...

Well I could have told you he was a heathen and a druggie just by what I've seen of him. some times it doesn't take much more than looking at the condition of the house from the street to know what it's going to look like inside.

Anonymous said...
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Solameanie said...

Dear "Anonymous."

Please read the blog rules. Your comment is being deleted, although I will leave the stub of it for possible re-insertion later. I will not dialog with anyone who refuses to disclose their identity. If you genuinely want a response on this or to dialogue, or to have me explain things to you so you can understand the point of the post, email me. We can go from there. Until then, no anonymous comments here.