Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Back to the Oven?

I normally don't like to bump posts in the same day, but I couldn't pass this story up. It goes hand in hand too well with my Psalm 83 post earlier this morning.

With her "back to the ovens" screech, this protester in FLORIDA revealed all too well what's really at the back of most of the anti-Israel histrionics today.

Sick, demonic and disgusting. It's too bad the Nuremberg tribunals aren't still operating.


Ron said...

In really thinking about this, what's most saddening to me is that I'm not personally shocked by that protest response, when I should be living in a world where it should.

Phil Perkins said...

I recently mentioned to a Jew, that one of the proofs that Scripture is true or at least that there is a supernatural is the constant hatred of the Jews. How do you explain that Olga in Oslo, Newt in New York, Patrick in Dublin, and Joseph in Kiev all hate the Jews? Folks that have never seen, touched, heard, or even smelled a Jew hates them all.

How is this so if there isn't an unseen evil working night and day over the millenia, just the the Scriptures say?

My friend said it was because they were all Christians and that explains it. I failed to ask if he had heard of Nazis, Communists, and Muslims.

Just a thought,
Phil Perkins.

Joe B. Whitchurch said...

Even in university and media contexts people ask "You don't see any anti-Jewish stuff anywhere, do you?!" They ask as if incredulous that anyone might notice any!

Between the conditioning of Phil's Jewish friend to not believe where the real significance is located historically and in the present, and to knee jerk respond into his social conditioning education with wrong attribution and missing the far bigger threats afoot, spiritual blindness is just so freaking huge!

Just musing on the significance and scope of it makes one feel like Neo inside the Matrix. And I'm not even mentioning friends who work inside Islamic Sharia influenced countries and how their skin thickens in wrong places and media mantras there and the international press, TV, radio, web, wear down their biblical discernment.

Spiritual battle? You betcha! With all kinds of physical, bigotry, psychological, even warfare implications? Right again! And many Christians getting worldly utopian and buying into the myth of human moral/spiritual progress and self improvement while loathing all things involving truth claims, character checks, and discernment? Sad but true again. Lord save!

Solameanie said...

Agreed to most everything said above.

I've also been thinking about the very wrong-headed idea held by most liberals that mankind is basically good. A whole lot of mischief comes from that mistaken notion. You expect it from the left and from the world. But when people who identify themselves as Christians begin buying into the idea, it's all the more horrendous. In essence, they're calling God a liar, but they don't realize it.

Phil Perkins said...

I hear your frustration. Actually, this proof of Scritpure I mentioned really does single the Scripture out.

ONLY the Bible and its worldview even attempts to honestly deal with the dark side of man.

I know of no other worldview that actually tells it like I am.


Solameanie said...

One more thought.

What are the chances that those who get so incendiary over what they call "hate speech" will call this young woman on the carpet for her real hate speech?

Probably not much.

Jack said...

Phil Perkins:

What a stupid thing your Jewish friend said. It reminds me of the unbelieving Jewish people we dealt with in the New York/New Jersey area, who clung to the crazy notion that the Nazis were all Christians. They knew perfectly well that the Nazis were about as Christian as the Taliban. Bad hearts reach for excuses the way drunks reach for their Budweisers. The real motive was, "I refuse to consider the claims of Jesus Christ, so I'll tell myself that the Nazis were Christians."