Thursday, January 22, 2009

Discovering the Constitution

I, Barack Hussein Obama, do solemnly swear . . .

I don't have time today for a long post, just an observation.

I am sure most of you caught the news that President Obama, on the advice of counsel, decided to re-take the oath of office after it was flubbed at his inauguration. The reason is to be on the safe side since the oath is prescribed word-for-word in the Constitution.

Isn't it interesting that we're actually concerned about following the Constitution all of a sudden?


. said...

Hmmmm, he'll use the Constitution when it protects his position in office, but he wants to scrap the consitution because it doesn't support his political or social views.

We're in for an historical ride helping to set stage for even larger future events for this world.

Dan Grubbs
The Portico Dialogue

lee n. field said...

That "shall _not_ be infringed" language in the second amendment, for instance...

We shall see.

Randy said...

You would also think the Chief Justice would know the oath hands-down. Two, if he didn't, where's the cue card? Three, why not stop if it's blundered and start over. The gaffe was already made!

But, your bigger point Joel is well taken. They are worried about the "oath" when questioning other parts of the Constitution?

Gilbert said...

Well, they got it right the second time. They didn't use a Bible, didn't have reporters with video cameras and photographers. That settles it. (Rolls eyes)

You could also say "conspiracy theorists unite!" ;-) )

Solameanie said...

It all does make you wonder, guys. From Blagojevich in Illinois trying to subvert a perfectly constitutional process to the shenanigans in Minnesota etc, it seems like they are purposely trying to run the Constitution through a shredder. If they get two more states on board and hold a Constitutional Convention, kiss the country goodbye.

Solameanie said...
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Randy said...


And that what troubles me the most! The Constitution has worked for all these years. I guess they had to get the "oath" right in the "current" Constitution so they could get at bat to destroy in their so called legal way of the orginal one. You are right. I think it won't be very long that we'll lose what the Founding Fathers (to me anyway) wrote that is one of the greatest treasures and wisdom we've ever had. I'm sure they'll go for the first and second amendmants first.

I'm still befuddled that Chief Justice Roberts fouled up that oath! I guess this could be the first inklings of fouling up the rest of the Constitution.

Be well,