Friday, January 02, 2009

Israel and Gaza - Truth and Consequences

Here is the latest on the fighting between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. In a separate story, I also noted with interest that Egypt's foreign minister is insisting that Hamas stop firing rockets. He said that Israel gave ample warning to Hamas, adding "they practically wrote it in the sky."

Listen to most media accounts from around the world, and the usual litany bangs like a tiresome, endless drone. With few exceptions, Israel is the one being portrayed as the baddie. It's even coming from some Christian circles, especially considering the destruction of a Baptist church in Gaza, which sustained collateral damage as Hamas was camped next door. Hamas is good at that sort of thing. Set up shop for your rockets among civilians and churches, and then yell "foul" when they get hit or if innocents get killed. The Palestinian radicals have also been known to stage things for maximum public relations effect. They play the media like patsies.

Here's the truth. Stop firing rockets into Israel, and the retaliatory attacks will cease. It's that simple. So Hamas wants to fight Israel to the death. Well, guess what? There are consequences to those actions. Any nation or group that decides to launch a war will have to face the consequences. And those consequences reach beyond the individuals who actually commit the acts of aggression and bloodshed.

The government of Japan ordered the bombing Pearl Harbor. The nation reaped the deadly consequences. The government of Germany began World War II. They faced the deadly consequences. Terrorists hit the World Trade Center. They faced the deadly consequences. Now Hamas -- voted into office by the Palestinians in Gaza -- lobs rockets into southern Israeli cities. Israel finally got tired of it and acted. In my humble opinion, they need to do much more, including a ground invasion and going door to door if need be to round up these murderous thugs. They also need to legislatively impose a death penalty. Right now in Israel, Nazi war criminals are the only ones who can be executed by hanging. They ought to include Islamic terrorists in the statute, and enforce it.

How much is Israel supposed to absorb before they are finally justified in responding? Apparently to much of the world, never. So Israel needs to thumb its nose at the carpers and complainers, and do what it takes to defend herself. This whole concept of "proportionality" is ridiculous. The point of fighting a war is to defend your nation and completely subdue an enemy into surrender. Unconditional surrender. In my more irritated moments, I sometimes wish someone would lob a few mortars into a Western European city, and see who calls for being "proportionate" then.


. said...

You make a great point about European sentiment. I often find it strange that it is Europeans who have the shortest memories. They carp when Israel defends itself, yet they forget what some regimes did in Europe several decades ago and then they called for the rest of the world to help. France especially drives me crazy in this way. How many U.S. and British citizens lay in French soil, having given their lives to retalitate and give back France her soverignty. Yet, France is often one of the loudests voices against Israel's right to defend itself or U.S. action in the Middle East. I suppose the UN will adopt a policy of appeasement once Iran goes nuclear just as others appeased Hitler as the Nazis rolled across Europe. I'm agraid it will take more than a few motar rounds into a Western European city to elicit an appropriate and effective response.

As an aside, if any of your readers are Polish, I want to personally thank them for their nation's support of the U.S. As with the U.K., our Polish friends have been a welcome ally in our efforts in the Middle East.

Dan Grubbs
The Portico Dialogue

Solameanie said...


Yes, it is frustrating. I attribute a lot of it to residual anti-Semitism in Europe. I was hoping for a difference with Sarkozy, but France has a large Muslim contingent and they don't seem to have the stomach to deal with violent protests as they should -- forcefully, followed up by deportations.

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Read the rules. No posting of ads here. One more time and face a permanent ban.

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Nice try. Go post your anti-Semitic poison elsewhere. You don't get to do it here.