Saturday, January 03, 2009

Oh, Roseanne . . .

So Roseanne Barr thinks Israel is a "Nazi" state. As you'll see from the linked story at WND, the loudmouthed comedienne (herself of Jewish extraction) thinks that Israel ought to just lie there and take terrorist rocket attacks instead of trying to defend herself. I have to wonder . . . is this an example of what they call the "self-hating Jew?"

It's no surprise that evangelical Christians and the Lord Jesus Himself come in for a bit of Roseanne's ire. As ridiculous as her remarks about Israel and Christians are, her remarks about Jesus being into Kabbalah are especially laughable.

Roseanne never was funny to me to begin with. Her butchering of the National Anthem and subsequent crotch-grabbing on national television finished it. And now, she's gone beyond even that. It's sad.

Pray for the woman. She needs it. Badly.


crownring said...

Happy New Year, Sola!

As for Roseanne Barr, it is difficult to know how much of what she spouts off Roseanne really believes and how much is simply attention-seeking. Outrageous behavior by celebrities is quite common these days and the more outrageous the more attention they receive. Gone are the days when scandalous behavior was kept under wraps by the entertainment industry for the sake of the box just about anything goes.

BTW, it's pretty obvious that Ms. Barr has mental health issues and she's admitted such. The woman needs prayer? Absolutely! But Roseanne's just one of many who've put the WEIRD in Hollyweird.

Phil Perkins said...

How does anyone that this obnoxious set of tonsils and vocal chords seriously anymore? Why isn't she ignored like any other loonie?

. said...

Wow! All that I can say is, Wow!

I have to admit that I was a bit glad when I heard Israel was moving troops into Gaza. I do lament the loss of life, but the only way to remove the threat against Israel is to move in with force.

Dan Grubbs
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