Sunday, January 04, 2009

Palestinian Mouthpieces - Orwellian or Carrollian?

I am sitting here as I type this watching Fox News' Julie Banderas interview Mustafa Barghouti, a former member of the Palestinian government. I don't know whether to scream at the television or to spontaneously combust. It amazes me that Israel can take between 30 and 80 missiles a day from Hamas in the Gaza Strip, but in Mustafa's view, Israel is the one to blame. Israel is the one who broke the so-called cease fire, which really wasn't a cease fire.

Amazing. Where are those rockets being fired coming from? Tel Aviv? Haifa? The tooth fairy? Maybe those rockets don't exist. Maybe it's a fantasy. We all just imagine that we're seeing them.

Mustafa further says it's Israel's fault because of their "occupation." Just what is Israel occupying? Didn't they unilaterally pull out of Gaza two years ago? Haven't they been dismantling settlements? I guess it doesn't matter. And here's why, especially in the view of Hamas.

As long as there is a Jew living and breathing in the Holy Land, it's too many. These thugs don't want a Palestinian state side by side along with Israel. They want Israel gone in its entirety. And until the State of Israel is gone, they will never stop. That is why Israel's military operation must continue. You can't have genuine peace where it's not wanted.

Oh, I'm sure Hamas, Hezbollah and other Islamic radicals want "peace" after a fashion. The only peace they want is for the Israelis to surrender. And if they're not strong enough now to defeat Israel, then they want the style of peace exhibited historically by Muhammed himself. Yasser Arafat used to tell Arab audiences that this was the type of peace he was talking about. That is, to lay low until you think you're strong enough to strike. That isn't peace. Not by a long shot.


saunch said...

I agree Joel. The scary thing is that most of the world believes Israel is in the wrong and the poor Arabs are the victims. Cease fire, cease fire, we gotta have a cease fire. Where was the cry for a cease fire the last 8 years that the Israelis have suffered through sometimes daily rocket attacks? It's also sad, but expected that much of the people in this country and most of our media agree with Hamas. Only an idiot believes that negotiation is the answer to every problem.

. said...

We better get used to this. It's only going to increase.

Dan Grubbs
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