Thursday, January 15, 2009


I want you to read this link to the Christian Post. In it, you will see an article about Prince's sister (Tyka Nelson) releasing a gospel album. Prince, of course, is the African-American rock star known for his particularly lewd music and stage performances.

Read especially the part where his sister describes her beliefs. Even as obvious as this is, I wonder how many Christian stations will be adding this to the playlist. If I was general manager of said station, I'd can the first person that did it.

Even so, another sign of the times. Pray for Tyka's salvation (and Prince's).


lee n. field said...

Nothing surprised me anymore.

Phil Perkins said...

What's wrong with that? Record companies (none of which produce records any longer) are for-profit organizations. How's that different from the ME book industry publishing Henry Blackaby, Brian McLaren, or Donald Miller? Corporate Christianity and the idol of BIG?

Something to ponder,
Phil Perkins. PS--Joel, I read and listened to the Robert Morey article. GOOD stuff, except I thought I was in an echo chamber. I especially appreciated what he said about thenthitivity.