Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Give Up Half of Israel?

For those of us who love Israel and are concerned about what Scripture says regarding the land and the Abrahamic Covenant, this news story regarding would-be Israeli prime minister Tzipi Livni ought to raise a few eyebrows. It might also well result in Benjamin Netanyahu recapturing the prime minister's post despite Livni's one-seat advantage in the Knesset.

You would think the events in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip would have awakened a few people on the Labour and Kadima sides of the fence. Apparently not. And that's just from a geopolitical sense.

In a biblical sense, I would recommend a review of what God says about "dividing His land." It isn't pleasant. There's a judgment coming for it.

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Comrade Tovya said...

Livni, it goes without saying, is not an observant Jew, and therefore she doesn't believe in our unique covenant with G-d, which includes the land of Israel.

She lacks the fear of Hashem.