Sunday, February 01, 2009

Happy B-Day, George Beverly Shea!

Over at his blog, Dan Phillips gives a shout out and happy birthday wishes to George Beverly Shea, who turns 100 today. And he's still singing for the glory of Christ!

Dan's got a feature linked where you can send greetings to Mr. Shea on this special day.


Phil Perkins said...
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Solameanie said...

I debated with myself most of the day before I deleted the above post from a commenter. I don't like doing that, and in the short of four years I've done this blog, I've done it rarely.

I'll be clear about this. I have had my share of disagreements with statements by Billy Graham over the years, and have said so both on my radio program plus various internet locations. I and many of my fellow apologists have found some of his statements truly awful from a theological standpoint. I might well post sometime on this subject, and when I do, that will be the time to post comments about it -- and hopefully without being venomous -- and that means me too.

Having said that, my post today on George Beverly Shea was to offer up birthday greetings to a 100-year-old man whose chief ministry has been in songs of praise and worship. No more, no less. Any other comments in attack mode will be considered off topic and deleted.

Phil Perkins said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Phil Perkins said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Solameanie said...

These remarks have been edited, combined and reposted for clarity.


What I said speaks for itself. You apparently either didn't read what I said in my previous remark or you chose to ignore it — or even to willfully misunderstand it. Now you are making accusations in my direction for which you have no foundation - only assumption -- accusations which I find very offensive, including calling me dishonest, a liar, and worst of all, a denier of the Gospel. The last three remarks are what got you banned, not your initial remark on Graham and Shea, even though I did delete that initial remark.

I am beginning to think that you are an example of what Scripture calls a "factious man" (And yes, I know the context -- division and false teachers). You seem bound and determined to pick a fight with me for some reason. I am familiar with the tactic of taunting and condescension - not thinking biblically, can't answer your arguments, not knowing Scripture, if you read Scripture, you'd know, etc. You've done that with me before, but I largely passed over it to avoid an unnecessary argument.
This time around, you really reminded me of a kid on the school yard who pushes and jeers "chicken," in hopes of fisticuffs. I'm not going to fall for it.

Why factious? From what I can see, you are largely orthodox in theology as to the core issues, but your praxis of that theology is what bothers me. We've also been through this before. Your template reaction is to knee people in the groin at the outset, even those who would probably be in agreement with you on many areas. It reminds me of the attitude of ultra-fundamental Baptists who are in agreement with most conservative evangelical doctrinal statements, but their view of "separation" means in practice that they are separate from everyone else in the body of Christ. They think John MacArthur is a liberal.

For the record, I made no endorsement of Shea's theology, and stated openly that I had serious issues with Graham, many of which would no doubt have your agreement. But this wasn't the time for it.

I also never accused you of calling Shea's singing evil. That's something you read into my comment.

Finally, in reference to debating me over Graham etc. There's nothing to debate. I actually agree with you on the statements he's made, so there really is no debate. However, if you want to have one, you'll have to do it with someone else, and somewhere else.

I fully expect you to have a field day with this at your blog, calling me a hypocrite and whatever else you can think of. Maybe that was even your intent, but who knows?

I wish you well as you follow Christ.