Monday, February 23, 2009

The Mother of All Callouts!

So . . . President Obama is going to "call out" state and local officials who "waste" porkulus money?


Methinks he should begin standing in front of a mirror first, and then use a tin-can phone to shout it out loud to Congress, where the waste began even before the vote was punched into the electronic board.

Give me a royal break!


Stan McCullars said...

And I thought he was going to blame the waste on Bush.

Maybe this is his idea of grassroots politics.

lee n. field said...

"Blame Canada"

They've got no way to pay for this. None.

Stock up, this could be a grim and wild ride.

Randy said...


Don't feel too bad. We only have four to eight more years of this new administration. Now, if that won't bring you down I don't know what would. Ha. Seriously though, your comments were on target.

But as scripture says, I need to pray for those in authority. I could get sardonic here, but I'll just say, it's what I need to do.

Be well,