Thursday, February 26, 2009

An Open Plea to McDonalds

. . . and any other fast-food chain out there . . .

A lighter note today, although I don't know how light the emotion of irritation is when one is experiencing it.

When I go through a drive-thru at McDonalds, I am typically in a hurry and not in the mood for conversation. I know what I want. I know what I like and I like what I know. I don't need instructions or sales pitches.

Drive-thru speaker: "Hello. Would you like a cappucino today?"

Joel thinks (in noticeably sarcastic tone): "No, if I want a cappucino, I'll tell you when I make my order. As it is, you just forced me to waste breath, energy and time to tell you I don't want one, thereby keeping me from ordering what I really DO want."

Instead, I mutter under my breath, ignore the pitch and make my order. After paying for my order (and nine chances out of ten they mess it up), I drive back to my office in a very foul humor, which doesn't help the process of digestion.

Please. Stop with the sales pitches at the drive-thru. I am capable of reading the menu myself without a Mitch Miller "follow the dancing red ball" routine. You're going to keep on until I just make a sandwich at home and not bother gracing your parking lot with my presence.

While I am at it, I am also sick of answering machines at businesses that take an hour to walk you through a list of options. Just sound the dang beep and let me leave my message, or better yet, have a receptionist answer the stinkin' phone and direct my call where it's supposed to go. You are wasting my precious time and I resent it.

If you'll excuse me now, I'm off to the range so I can let off some steam.


Randy said...


I so agree with you! Years ago while working my way through school, I managed a famous fast-food restaurant. They always wanted us to sell a product. Like you, it's supposed to be fast food. Also, when I place my order and say, "that's all", I really mean it. But they still say "would you like an apple pie with that?" I guess saying, "that's all" doesn't really mean "that's all." you I get annoyed at so many voice prompts on the phone just to get what I'm after. Enough is enough! I'm with you on this brother!


lee n. field said...

What are you doing eating at Mickey-Ds anyway? That's why you get sick all the time.

As they used to say in the comic books "Blech!"

Gilbert said...

Do you want fries with this post? :-)

Having worked as a youth in McDonald's in both drive-thru and front desk cashier, I can tell you why they do it: it works. Plain and simple, to a lot of people. Why? Well, when you're hungry, impulse buying of food works quite well. That's also why you should NEVER shop a grocery store when you are hungry if you are buying your week's supply.

As for the "press 1 for this, 2 for that"....most calls get screened out with the simple recorded answers. And it cuts down on staff, so there's fewer people to take your call when you have a non-common question.

Would you like to super-size that?

Solameanie said...

I assumed it had some marketing connection, which only confirms me in my desire to slay all the marketers. :O

As for the switchboard, I wish they'd lose revenue with each unanswered call. How many people just hang up when confronted with the automaton?