Friday, February 20, 2009

What Is It with These Democrats?

I can remember the days when Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy was known as "Leaky Leahy" for his big mouth. Well, it's happened again, only now it's California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who now chairs the Senate's Intelligence Committee.

The loose-lipped senator let it slip during a public hearing that Pakistan was secretly allowing the United States to launch drone strikes against terrorist targets in the country's tribal regions on the Afghan border. This is a big deal because Pakistan was publicly denying that this was happening. Muslim extremists would use such information to stoke more anger at the Pakistani government for helping the U.S. and provoke more instability. Such a disclosure certainly cannot help our efforts to combat terrorists in the region, and risks further destabilizing a nation that has nuclear weapons.

It's hard for me to know whether Feinstein just slipped or did this on purpose. Either way, it's just another example of why most liberal Democrats at the national level are useless, if not dangerous, on national security and military matters.

Just another example that elections have consequences.


Ron said...

Evidently chairing the Senate Intelligence Committee requires little...intelligence.

. said...

Having once had a Top Secret Security Clearance with an SBI, any breach such as this would cause anyone in the real world to lose their job. Yet, there she sits in her "chair". Disclosures such as this will cause human beings to lose their life. Do you think anyone will hold her accountable?

Dan Grubbs
The Portico Dialogue

. said...

forgive my grammar

Anonymous said...

When lives are lost because of her ineptitude, she will blame Bush.

You heard it here first.

Palm boy said...

That didn't take long.