Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Book Alert

My friend Dr. Ron Gleason (see sidebar links) has a new book out on the subject of the death penalty. As you can see from the graphic, it's called The Death Penalty On Trial - Taking a Life for a Life Taken. Rev. Kevin Johnson and I interviewed Ron this week on our radio program, Perspective Underground. As always, it was a fascinating discussion. I recommend this book highly if you are wrestling with this question and wondering if the death penalty is biblical.

Next, I happened to see an ad in the latest CBD catalog that raised my eyebrow a bit. It's for the NIV 2:52 Boys' Bible, which is apparently geared toward 8-to-12 year old boys. What raised my eyebrow is the pitch line:

Rick Osborne's study tracks help young men grow "Deeper, Smarter, Stronger, and Cooler" in the Lord.

Now, I am all for studying God's Word and getting kids into it as early as possible. But do we want to encourage a study of God's Word by appealing to boastful vanity? I think we know boys at that age place a great value on being "cool." I guess we can ask the question of what it means to be "Cooler in the Lord," but whatever is meant by whoever wrote that pitch line, we know what is most often meant by boys who want to be "cool" or think that they are "cool."

Couldn't they have written something that gave God the glory? If anyone is "cool," it's the Lord and I almost blush at using that term in reference to Him.

While I am at it, there's something that bugs me about "marketing" God's Word. But what do I know? I'm a meanie.


Randy said...


You know as well as I do that "Christian" book dealers are still in the business to make money, that is the bottom line. The same thing as with the recording labels, it's all about how many units an artist sells. Many of the translations limit how many verses you can read or print before you have to get permission from them to use it before you violate copyright. At least in the AV, you don't have that problem. (And no, I'm no KJV only.)

When I dealt with one major Christian book company in Nashvegas, they said up front, their bottom line was to please and make profit for the shareholders. Forget the idea of trying to get the Word out to anyone for that sake alone.

And...becoming a "believer" won't necessarily make anyone "cool." If fact, it might have the reverse effect. But, the love of Mammon is still alive, even among so-called book and music dealers. goes the show.


Randy said...

PS- By the way, if you're a "meanie" I guess I'm in the same crowd as you. However, I think it's an elite crowd I'm proud to be a part of. Whenever people start praising someone too much, then maybe they really aren't doing what they are supposed to. Just my take. Be well my friend.