Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Love Bears (3)

Old Father Flu has me by the throat today, so in lieu of a substantive post, I hereby enter another installment in my "I Love Bears" series. Doesn't this guy look like he's waiting to be served some brie and Chardonnay?


Randy said...

Like the bear I love the Chardonnay! However, I don't think I would sit with this guy and share one!

lee n. field said...


Solameanie said...

That's funny, Lee.

Randy, I don't know. This bear looks pretty chummy, especially if you were to offer him some Swedish pancakes and lingonberries.

Randy said...

HA! You are braver than I am. It seems like you know this bear really well. And...I think he could drink me under the table, haha. (Joke.) What's scarier than the bear is George Soros. By the way, I hope your feeling better.

Be well.