Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Turning the Guns Inward

As I said yesterday, I'm pressed for time this week. That means a smattering of news that caught my eye early today.

First, this piece by Joseph Farah. Would you consider yourself a terrorist suspect? Here's a clip from Joseph's article . . .

Did you support Ron Paul for president last year?

Do you believe there are people actively working to merge the U.S. with Mexico and Canada?

Do you display an American flag?

Did you ever display a Libertarian Party bumper sticker on your car?

Do you buy gold?

Any of these characteristics might lead law enforcement authorities to conclude you represent a danger to the republic. You are more likely to be a militia member or a domestic terrorist, according to a document distributed to Missouri police and, potentially, law enforcement authorities nationwide.
That is the stunning news from a Feb. 20 report called "The Modern Militia Movement," which identified these "red flags" or warning signs.


You are not suspect if you have an "I like Osama" bumper sticker on your car.

You are not a suspect if you attend regularly attend a Wahhabi mosque.

You are not a suspect if you are preaching hate and anti-Americanism in a church formerly attended by the president of the United States.

You are not a suspect if you are a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Do you get the picture? Welcome to the Obama World.

And the scary thing is that cops are going along with this.

Next is this little piece from David Limbaugh. In the linked column, Rush's brother discusses Obama's Marxism, which everyone seems to be ignoring.

And finally, this little clip from a WorldNetDaily column by Roger Russell . . .

We have grown into a people I don't recognize. We have surrendered our badge of courage without a fight. We have taken off our cloak of integrity without the bat of an eyelash. We have jettisoned our honor without a tear. We have welcomed ignorance and sloth because to study is to know, and to know is to be required to act. We have grown so non-analytical and accepting that we are taken in by any two-bit huckster with a smooth tongue. And worse, sometimes when we well know it is a lie, we have become so self-absorbed and greed-driven and have lost our personal integrity sufficiently that we vote for it anyway. I guess, in final analysis, it doesn't even matter if we have a constitutionally qualified president. We are too lazy to care.

Some might be inclined to agree with the above viewpoints. Some will dismiss it as kookdom. Whatever your take, I hope it makes you think long and hard, and not just gulp down what you hear on the mainstream media or the White House press office (and there's little difference between those two).


Shinar Squirrel said...

How easy it is to become an enemy of the state...

The Squirrel

Solameanie said...

I often wonder what Ronald Reagan would say if he were alive. From "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall" to what we're doing now..building a Soviet utopia on American soil. And everyone is sound asleep or apathetic.