Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Viguerie on Conservative Vacuum

While the Obama administration gins up the flap over Rush Limbaugh, well-known conservative Richard Viguerie made some observant comments about what's happened to the GOP of late. In Viguerie's view, people like Rush have to step forward because the powers that be in the Republican Party have either left the reservation or are ineffective. I think he's spot on, so I am posting excerpts of his remarks here. The original article can be found over at Newsmax:

"Nature abhors a vacuum, and there is no vacuum in nature as empty as the leadership of the Republican Party today."

Said Viguerie: "The GOP absolutely refuses to replace the Congressional leaders who helped get the party and the country into this mess. There are many Republican governors campaigning for the Obama 'stimulus' plan that is wrecking the economy and will push America deeper into socialism. Governor Jindal's speech was technocratic, without passion and toothless, and Michael Steele's foolish attack on Rush Limbaugh will, I'm sure, cost the party many millions in contributions."

"Limbaugh and Hannity and most all of their conservative colleagues have something to say. They actually believe in something. They have the confidence of their convictions. They don't cower in fear of the President's popularity. They know that his popularity is built on the sand of false promises and false premises. Like Ronald Reagan facing the Soviet Union, they know how this story ends."

Even Jim Cramer of CNBC, who isn't a conservative, is providing more honest and outspoken leadership than the 'loyal opposition' about how Obama's policies are destroying the life savings of Americans.

"Americans are already beginning to realize that the new president is every bit as reckless and extreme as conservatives said he was," Viguerie said. "But the Republican Party can't get any traction, because the party leadership is as confused and clueless as the Obama administration."



lee n. field said...

So the, uh, deathwish and malaise are not limited to the Illinois Republican Party?

Randy said...

Viguerie really spoke about what is happening. Someone needs to step to the plate. I'm all for Rush too, but where are the ones in the Republican party going to wise up and do something?

Ron said...

I've been mulling over Cramer's comments as well as statements made in various discussions regarding the Obama administrations agenda/policies, bailouts and the like. What just doesn't seem to sit right is that the focal point isn't so much the slide into socialism, but primarily rooted around an attitude of "my money." I know it's impossible to separate money from the socialism/capitalism debate, but I just wonder where our hearts are really at? Thoughts?

Word varification: Strap!

Solameanie said...

I guess it depends on what we're talking about. If you are talking about the fact that we as a society can be too materialistic, I would agree. However, I have issues with confiscatory taxation and the very concept of socialism i.e redistribution of wealth. The Protestant work ethic very much comes into play here. The workman is worthy of his hire, and the workman has the right to enjoy the fruit of his labor. Charity is something that should not be forced, and there are serious problems when you have generations of people dependent on government handouts and never making any attempt to improve themselves.