Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Warning from Dr. Koop

In this World Magazine article, former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop issues a sober warning about socialized medicine coming to our shores thanks to the Obama administration.

Now 92, Dr. Koop has a special interest in this issue. Here's a quote from the article's author, Cal Thomas, who includes a quote from Dr. Koop . . .

I called Koop, who is now 92. He reminded me that in 1988 he had an ailment that left him a quadriplegic. Surgery restored his limbs, but "if I'd lived in England, I would have been nine years too old to have the surgery that saved my life and gave me another 21 years." Koop fears that the United States is about to embrace English socialized medicine with government authorities deciding who lives and who dies. He says the idea of government second-guessing doctors sickens him.

Cal Thomas goes on to say that "great inhumanities are usually ushered in at the extremes in order to make the public more accepting."

A valid warning that ought to be heeded.


Ron said...

And lets not forget that this system isn't limited only to major medical services, but includes dental, vision and regular checkups as well. And we haven't even addressed the issue of quality of those services.

Randy said...


It obviously took Rome longer to fall. But, with technology it'll be easier for the U.S. to crumble. I have to be honest and say that the things I see and read in the news makes me nervous. I must remember that our God is still God and my trust is in him.

In looking at history and other civilizations, we are still a young country from those standards. But, because of the aforementioned comment, it'll be easier to slide down the slippery slope. Even if we look at the last twenty years, notice the downward turn!

When the people of England wanted to escape tyranny of the government, they ran to America for their freedom. But now, where do we go? All we can do is stand and fight. The language of socialism sounds good, but the evil beneath it will only rise to the top.

Only the fatcats in DC will get the kind of care that people will really need and the rest of us will be caught in a system that will run amok.

Be well Joel,


Rob Auld said...

I live in Canada with Socialized medicine and you guy's have it wrong. Come and talk to 10 Canadians about our healthcare. We'll complain about 3 hour waits in Emerge and waits for MRI's...but then ask us if we'd prefer the American system. All 10 would say no.


Stan McCullars said...

I have just now completed an unscientific survey of two Canadians. One loves it. One does not.

Solameanie said...

I was just going to say, depends on to whom you're talking. I've heard plenty of Canadians who come over the border here to get care they can't get at home. I would imagine for a routine checkup, the Canadian system probably does work pretty good. The problem comes when you need something more complicated.

Besides that, I don't like the idea inherent in rationing care, where old people are considered expendable. As a caregiver to two elderly parents, I don't want some bureaucrat telling me I can't get a medical procedure done on my mother because she's too old. Her life is just as important as mine.

Rob Auld said...

Hey Joel,

Canadians (who can afford it) come to the US to jump the Queue. If there's a surgery or something that a Canadian Dr. can't do, our insurance plan will pay for the American Doctor to do it.

Not to sound Morbid, but doesn't your HMO consider you parents a challenge to the bottom line? Doesn't your HMO have allegiances to the shareholders, not your mom or dad?

Healthcare costs in Canada have increased at about 1/3 of your costs in the US. Admin costs represents 2% of our healthcare system and 20% of your HMO's. There are some things companies shouldn't do. Healthcare is one of them.


crownring said...

Makes you wonder.......would they even allow someone with this degree of CF survive? Yet how can we say this young man's life isn't worth living?

Solameanie said...

My folks have private supplemental insurance in addition to Medicare.

I think what we have here is yet another philosophical divide. Those who dislike socialism in all its ramifications can find those who agree with them, or those who have horror stories. Same thing with those who like a socialistic system. They can always find someone to sing its praises.

I prefer to manage my own health and for the government to leave me alone. I have also found that most hospitals have plans available for those who are indigent to get care if they need it. We really have to be careful that this doesn't get demigogued to death.