Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why Do We Keep Electing Wrong Rulers?

I am rather pressed today, but I have something that might interest you in lieu of a post from me. This link will take you to a rather lengthy article by WorldNetDaily vice president David Kupelian. Lengthy, but well worth the read. David examines why we keep electing politicians to office who in the end do nothing but fly the country straight into the ground. We truly are reaping the harvest that we sowed.

Anyone have buyer's remorse from the last election yet?


Randy said...


You may not remember the group we played at "Q" years ago, but the group was "Three Crosses." I think their song summed it up nicely, "Just Another Sign Of The Times."

This maybe isn't a direct answer to the question you posed but I'll throw it in at no charge.

So many thought old Bill from Arkansas was so great. What it really boiled down to was people voted their pocketbooks over morality. So what if Bill had a woman in the Oval Office as long as the economy was good? Well, in God's eyes, it does matter.

Be well,


Shinar Squirrel said...

Long article, but, yes, worth the read. The best idea I've heard recently is, "No representation without taxation," if you don't pay taxes, you have no say in the government! I like the idea of limiting the franchise to makers, not takers.

Walter Williams had an interesting piece yesterday which compliments Kupelian's, in a way.

The Squirrel