Saturday, April 04, 2009

AAGHHH! Government! Liars!

I am just about at the point to where I want to abandon all political commentary and just stick with theology. But each day, something comes up that just makes me want to scream and blow things up (figuratively speaking, of course). And I wonder if anyone else notices.

In testimony before Congress, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke were asked if they agreed with the notion of doing away with the dollar and jumping into a one-world currency. Bernanke and Geithner both told Congress that they were against the idea.

BUT . . . in a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations (I'm shocked. . .shocked), Tim Geithner said he "would be open to that."

Isn't anyone going to hold these creeps responsible? By that statement alone, Tim Geithner ought to be forced to resign. I'm tempted to recommend him for the electric chair, but my water is hot at the moment.

I really have to wonder if the Spirit of 1776 is totally dead.

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Stan McCullars said...

Dead. Long dead I'm afraid.

Then again, I'm still hearing talk of revolution from the unlikeliest of people.