Thursday, April 02, 2009

Nuclear Balance?

Check out these numbers below, which represent the current tallies of nuclear weapons between Russia and the United States.

Strategic Deployed: 2200
Non-strategic: 500
Reserve: 2500
Stored awaiting dismantlement: 4200
TOTAL: 9400

Strategic Deployed: ~2800
Non-strategic: ~2050
Reserve/Stored: ~8150
TOTAL: ~13000

Whatever happened to the idea of "parity?" Yes, I know -- one nuclear bomb can ruin your whole day. That's not the point. To me, parity means parity. Thirteen thousand is quite a bit larger than ninety-four hundred. And why are we the only ones who have nukes "stored awaiting dismantlement?"

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Gilbert said...

Nukes awaiting disarmament? I think that means Ted Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi.