Thursday, April 09, 2009

Potty Mouth Preachers

With all the discussion going on these days about Christians having potty mouths (especially pastors from the pulpit), I thought it would be good to repost something I put up in 2005 when The Seventh Sola launched.

This linked article was written by my friend and fellow apologist Eric Pement. Eric was a missionary with JPUSA for many years, and --like me -- is on the board of the Institute for Christian Apologetics. In his article, Eric makes a very strong case for believers cleaning up their language.

It's sad that this even needs to be a matter for discussion, but such is the state of things today. I never thought I'd see the day when people would have to put a bar of lye soap in their suit pockets before heading out to worship Sunday mornings.

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Randy said...


It's terrible that an article even needs to be written on something so obvious. When I'm around anyone I keep my speech clean and I also do it in my writing as well. I admit, in the car I've let it slip when I shouldn't have. I have to repent to the Lord for when I do. However, we as a new creation should refrain from such things that would seem obvious.

Also, and even though Fox doesn't call themselves "Christian" per say, they are somewhat a conservative news outlet. Recently though on Glen Beck's show there was an excessive amount of bantering about A** kicking. They did it over and over. Then, on another show on the cable outlet, it was d**n this, and hell that. I would expect better from Fox. And...more importantly I would expect better from those that name the name of Christ.