Thursday, May 21, 2009

Green Day and Wal Mart. Oh, the Humanity!

Poor Green Day. In an Associated Press article this morning, the band is kvetching at Wal Mart because the chain won't carry their new CD unless the band makes it available in a "clean version."

You see, it's been long standing store policy that they won't carry CDs with parental advisory stickers on them. The band has the option of doing an edited version removing the obscenities and expletives, which many do so that they can take advantage of Wal Mart's ability to move product. Green Day believes this is "censorship," a frenzied cry we often hear when people raise objections to smut, whether it be in music or art.

First, censorship by definition is government enforced. Wal Mart can't censor anyone. No one is telling Green Day, or any other artist, that they can't produce and market all the filth they want. There are other outlets out there who would be more than willing to carry their CD. At the same time, no one can force a private company or retailer to carry things that violate their ethos or policy.

But instead, Green Day would rather whine and make themselves out to be martyrs for the sake of "self-expression."

I've got a better suggestion. Why not just clean up your act? Maybe you like swimming in cesspools, but you don't have the right to drag everyone else into the tank with you.


crownring said...

Hey Sola!

I agree with you 100%. I was flipping through the TV stations last night and was SHOCKED to see a WT_? segment on Keith Oberman's program. Only they didn't leave out the "F". Needless to say, I changed the channel very quickly. Our culture is becoming more crass and vulgar by the day.

I'm not a big Walmart fan, but I applaud them for standing their ground on this one. I would like to see other companies do the same.

Joe B. Whitchurch said...

Since only government (read 'god-verment') can exercise such 'controls' and since they have done so before to the violation of pharmacists therein, here's the question:

How long before the Obama 'fairness' and 'tolerance' police dictate to WalMart what their conscience should work like AND exactly what they can and cannot sell?

McNater said...

Have you ever listened to a Green day album, let alone this particular one? Where is your basis for saying listening to their album is the equivalent to swimming in a cesspool?

Their position seems pretty straight forward to me. They weren't 'whining' as you put it. They simply
arre disappointed in Wal-Mart's policy. Wal-Mart has the right to refuse to sell their cd as is, just as Green Day has the perfect right to call them out for their policies.

Solameanie said...


My comments are based on the linked news story. Shouldn't be that hard to make the connection between that and my comments. Why is there a parental advisory on the CD? Hmmm? In that context, it's really not necessary for me to listen to Green Day to have a viewpoint on the subject. They expressed themselves quite well in the article. Nice try.

Another clue. This is a Christian blog written by a conservative Christian commentator. In general, serious, conservative Bible-believing Christians don't like vulgar language, profanity, crude sexual references and the like. Hence the cesspool reference.

Yes, they are whining.

Palm boy said...

"First, censorship by definition is government enforced. "

Dang it, you took my line.