Sunday, May 24, 2009

Love is a Many Splendored Thing . . .

In my ongoing dealings with liberal theologians and their kinfolk in the Emergent movement, I keep getting this question thrown at me. What does "love your neighbor" mean? Closely related is the charge that biblical conservatives are being "unloving."

The question is usually fired off after you are critical of their doctrinal aberrations, or try and uphold a biblical view of justice i.e. the state being a terror to evildoers (Romans 13). Over and over again, they keep bringing up "love your neighbor." Nothing else matters to them.

I've asked them the following questions repeatedly and thus far have never gotten a clear answer. So I'll ask them again.

Do Christ's commands to love God and to love our neighbor supersede all other commandments? Do these commands negate the rest of Scripture?

I'll discuss this further in the next post.


saunch said...


I would tell them that love has no meaning apart from biblical truth. Truth and Love go together. Love by itself is empty sentimentalism. If someone is espousing "doctrine" that is unbiblical, it is unloving to let it go unconfronted with the truth.

lee n. field said...

Then there's that whole law/gospel thing.

"Love your neighbor as yourself" is pure law. Indeed, it is presented as the summary of the law. This is something we in this era between the fall and the consummation cannot hope to keep.