Friday, May 22, 2009

A Quick Comment on Terrorists

I'm too tired to fuss with much of a post today, but I can't help commenting about the claims that the left (including President Obama) makes about Gitmo and "enhanced interrogation techniques." Specifically, that these controversial issues help our enemies recruit new people to the radical Muslim jihadist cause. We're treating captured terrorists so badly and inhumanely, you see.

Hmm. Daniel Pearl. Leon Klinghoffer. The two 13-year-old Jewish boys hacked to death in a cave. I could go on, but you get the idea. Yes indeedy. The terrorists have much to teach us about morality and mercy.

These murderous thugs are the types who brutally behead people on video and release it to the world. These are the people who fly planes into buildings, blow up airplanes, blow up pizza parlors, and will even blow themselves up if they can take innocent bystanders with them in sufficient numbers. Do they really need the excuse of Gitmo, which is really more like a 4-star hotel, or waterboarding? If Daniel Pearl had been given the choice of waterboarding or having his head sawn off, I don't think it would have been hard to choose.

Better yet, does the left really think that if we tuck terrorist detainees in bed under eiderdown quilts, making sure to serve them prime rib along with tea and crumpets, and plenty of back issues of "Jihad Times" for their reading pleasure, that they'll be any less inclined to kill us? I guess they do.

Whatever the case, I am getting tired of being lectured by this crew on morality and American values. This is the same bunch that sees nothing wrong with sodomy or butchering unborn children up to the ninth month of pregnancy. This bunch doesn't give a rip about morality or American values, and they'd just as soon send the Constitution through a shredder at the first opportunity.

Oh, well. Off to bed before my blood pressure rises any further.


Anonymous said...

I'm sad to say you are becoming more ridiculous as time goes on. Great Christian attitude there, if they do it, then why don't we...? I notice you are quick to condemn the terrorist groups, but slow to suggest that America has done anything wrong. Under Bush multiple war crimes were committed with no consequences. America, under Bush especially had a terrible attitude, say one thing, do another. This blog is close to propaganda.

Solameanie said...

Always glad to hear from you, Jonny. And as usual, you miss the point I was trying to make.

Aside from that, I guess the left (and by that, I include Christian leftists) never engages in propaganda or demagoguery, does it?

I would like you to take a peek at Romans 13 sometime. Especially the part that talks about government being a "terror to evildoers" and "bearing the sword."

What we do as the church and as individual Christians reaching out to the lost with the Gospel is one thing. What the state is mandated to do by Scripture is quite another. Don't confuse government authorities with the church.

Now, if you want to continue to try and argue with me on this, go ahead. You might learn something. You can start by being a little less ridiculous yourself.

Solameanie said...

While I am at it, Jonny, I'd like to see you hector and condemm the terrorists with as much relish as you go after me. But I shouldn't be surprised, really. I'm an easier target. Given the level of Islamic influence in Britain at the moment, I can see why you'd be reticent.

Anonymous said...

Solameanie, I sure would like to have an opportunity to personally kill some terrorists. Short of that, I encourage my friends who are in the military (and those considering military service) to kill as many of those terrorist bastards as possible.

I see they are still serving Kool-Aid in Europe. Big surprise.

Solameanie said...

Stan, I can sympathize with your sentiments on this. I've been mad enough to want to do just that. However, I really don't want to be too eager to shed blood. I would rather they repent and turn from their wicked ways. However, in terms of the state doing what the state is supposed to do -- protect its citizens, I'm all for the state being a terror to evildoers.

Now, what if I'm not in government or part of the state apparatus? If I saw a terrorist about to kill someone else and no legal authority around, I would be completely justified in doing whatever I could to stop him/her, including lethal force if it was necessary. Most courts would call it justifiable homicide. However, I wouldn't relish the idea of having to do it. If God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked, neither should I.

Jim W said...

The happiest I ever was during my miltary time was when I was in an anti-terrorism unit. It made me so happy to know we were actually taking the war to them. I wasn't much of a christian so I was pretty happy whenever I knew a few of them weren't ever going to kill anyone again. Yes, I took delight in knowing they were dead. Like I say, not much of a christian. I've grown a bit since then, but it still doesn't bother me too much when one of them gets to meet the One, True God and find out how wrong they were. Thanks for your stand for real Christianity.