Saturday, May 16, 2009

Twisting Slowly, Slowly in the Wind

Well, it's been quite a week in Washington. Off and on, I've been watching the ongoing flap over "enhanced interrogation techniques," and what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi knew or didn't know about it. I think it made my flu worse, to be honest.

You have to hand it to her for chutzpah. Calling the CIA a passel of liars is no small thing. Even fellow Democrat and current CIA director Leon Panetta isn't too happy with Ms. Pelosi these days. I can't help but think of Watergate, when John Ehrlichman famously said of L. Patrick Gray — leave him to "twist slowly, slowly in the wind."

Will this force Nancy Pelosi out of the speakership? At the moment, I doubt it. She'll claw out the eyes of anyone who tries to unseat her from her lofty throne. However, if this drags on for long, there is a chance that fellow Democrats will force her to step down rather than give the Republicans any more ammunition.

Self-immolation is quite a spectacle, isn't it?


Jack said...

Part of this also tells me what dense dumbbells the GOP is made up of, that they can be out-maneuvered and out-politicked by a mendacious twit like Pelosi.

lee n. field said...

Queue up Maxwell Smart: "Would you believe..."

Take your vitamin C, dude. Get well.