Monday, July 20, 2009

Announcing a New Blog

Over the past year, fellow blogger Dave Sherrill has been working to put together a group blog consisting of contributors who are part of the Evangelical Free Church of America. This is the link to the new blog, which is entitled "Evangelical Free Vantage Point." Dave was kind enough to invite me to participate as I can, but his invitation is open:

Are you part of the Evangelical Free Church movement? Do you blog? Are you interested in participating in this team blog? If you're thinking yes yes yes, then drop me a line at

Obviously, the viewpoints expressed in this new blog will not necessarily be those of the EFCA as a whole, but "Free Churchers" tend to be like-minded on the essentials, so I am happy to give this new forum a plug.

So, if you're part of the E-Free and have something you'd like to blog about, send Dave an email.


lee n. field said...


Not sure I'd want to contribute, as I'm grumpy and sometimes easily rattled.

Jack said...

I plan to make my first posts something irenic, like Infant Baptism: Demonic Plot or Just Stupid?; or, Messianic Islam, by Ismail O'Connor. I'm sure this approach will get me a post on some important committee.

Solameanie said...

Perhaps we should discuss the changes pending in the EFCA doctrinal statement. I haven't heard the latest on it, but they were modifying the premillennial line a tad.

Jack said...

Nah, it was retained last year, after much thunder and lightning. The Mnpls leadership would like to drop it as a mandated standard, but the EFCA has been explicitly pre-mil for decades. Both sides shocked each other -- the "who cares?" group was shocked at how many of their colleagues still cared passionately about eschatology, and the "premil forever" group was shocked at how many of their colleagues aren't dispensational and/or don't think that being premil is an essential mark of orthodoxy. The debate is not over whether it's true, but over whether it merits being a required standard for ordination and membership.

Many pro-premil people are suspicious that the other side plans to sneak back up on the issue in the next five years; and, for reasons I can't divulge, I know those suspicions are correct. However, I don't think it's a conspiracy. But the denomination would have split and destroyed if they'd tried to force through the elimination of premil.

Solameanie said...

I had a hunch that might be the case, Jack.

I am not one who makes one's stance on eschatology a test of fellowship, unless there is a denial of the physical return of Christ to earth. Having said that, I am premillennial, and do think that our stance on this subject has implications in many areas, not the least in reference to hermeneutics.

My chief concern over this is that the EFCA was started for a reason, and that part of the doctrinal statement was put in there for a reason. The doctrinal statement defines who we are as a fellowship.

There are plenty of other fellowships out there that are not premillennial. Why would someone sign on to being a member of the EFCA -- and doing that, one has to agree to the doctrinal statement -- and then want to ram a change through?

There is also the issue of whether the change is being proposed out of genuine theological conviction, or whether it's a move to try and broaden our membership. If it's the latter, that is very, very dangerous.