Monday, July 06, 2009

Joe Biden Pulls an April Glaspie on Israel?

Joel, what do you mean by an "April Glaspie." for heaven's sake?

Glad you asked.

If you remember during the Gulf War (the first one), the late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein blamed American diplomat April Glaspie for misleading him prior to the war. According to Saddam, Ms. Glaspie supposedly gave Iraq the green light from the U.S. to invade Kuwait -- something that our side insisted did not happen.

If you've been following the ongoing situation with Iran and Israel, a very interesting statement was made recently by Vice President Biden when he was being asked whether Israel could strike Iran if need be. Biden appeared to give the nod, saying in essence, "Israel is a sovereign nation, and she can do whatever she feels she has to do to protect her security."

Of course, the White House and State Department folks began backpedaling immediately, and at first I was tempted to slag this off as just another Biden gaffe. Then I began to wonder.

Wouldn't it be interesting if Biden actually WAS signaling to Israel to go ahead and nail Iran's nuclear facilities, only to have the United States deny that we gave the go-ahead, and deny Israel our codes for overflight over Iraq etc.? Or to condemn Israel after the attack? What if we even helped down an Israeli jet (surreptitiously, of course)?

Okay, maybe my imagination is running a bit wild. But I'll be watching events in the Middle East very closely over the next few weeks. Maybe longer.

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