Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Rick Warren Takes a Chair Shot to the Head

Wow. And I do mean, wow! Check this out, and then comment.

I have a hunch the fur is going to fly now!

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Jack said...

I would like to see the complete text of the speech, and know what the occasion of the meeting was, before I would feel free to negatively criticize. I don't even know who the author of the column is, and I feel no sympathy for dispensational apocalyptic interpretations of world events.

Paul in the book of Romans told us to live at peace with all men, insofar as it depends on us. If Warren was being a gullible patsy, I'd want to know that. If he bent over too far backward, I'd want to know that. But I didn't see too much proof there.

I consider Warren quite a mixed bag. He links arms with people he shouldn't have anything to do with, like Robert Schuller. But his desire to promote good works around the world doesn't make him a liberal. I assume this speech was an attempt to publicly extend an olive branch from a prominent Christian pastor to a gathering of Muslim people. You could make the argument that this sort of thing undermines jihadists, even if Warren maybe didn't do it well.