Tuesday, July 21, 2009

State Sovereignty With Teeth?

So Alaska is joining in the State Sovereignty movement.

By all means, go back and read the post from Dr. Al Mohler today in spite of this "bump," but I couldn't resist this one comment on a growing story.

More and more states are passing these resolutions to "send a message" to the federal government. Here's my question. If you notice the text of the linked WorldNetDaily story, these resolutions all seem to be "non-binding." Why take the trouble of making a point like this if you're not actually going to throw down the gauntlet and bite with some teeth? All the federal government will do is roll their eyes and laugh.

How about passing an actual bill with the force of law? Challenge the feds and the court system and do it with determination.

Otherwise, it's just more knee-deep in the hoopla.

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Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly.

Personally, I wish numerous states would leave the (forced) Union and be done with it.