Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Walking in the Light

The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it (John 1:5).

I know I've posted this little shot from the Arkansas Ozarks before. Bear with me, though, because I had one of those little moments this morning where the image -- and the implied message -- really struck home to me.

This was such a cool thing to see up close and personal. We were in this cave called the "Indian Rockhouse." In the ceiling of the cave was an area where the roof had cracked or collapsed, and this beam of sunlight shone down. The circular beam enveloped a small tree that had begun growing in the cave, which is remarkable in and of itself. Surrounded by shadow, this little green tree was basking in the warmth of the light.

How like our Savior's love and protection to us. As I look around the world -- and even in our country -- the shadow seems to be growing ever larger. But God is not surprised and He is not deterred. And His people are never for a moment out of his hand, nor out of His light.

The Lord's people know Him, and He knows His people. The sheep hear the shepherd's voice, and another voice they simply will not follow. The Lord's people know, recognize and bask in His light. The unregenerate, God-hating world sees, and is frightened by, the light. They're revolted by the light. They do all they can to try and block out the light or to quench it.

Above all, they do not comprehend the light. Men love darkness rather than light. Yet there is hope for them if they will respond to God's call and turn from the darkness toward the light.

What a lesson for all who will heed it.

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crownring said...

Thank you for the smile, Joel! :) Hope you're feeling better!