Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Birthers and Constitutionalists

Until now, I've said very little about the controversy over Barack Obama and his birth certificate. Generally, when the media begins trashing people for their views, I tend to sit up and take notice, giving a lot of latitude to the people the media wants to silence. Having said that, in the past I've been nearly taken in by some conspiracy theories, so my guard is generally up no matter how convincing something looks. As to Obama's birth certificate, I've said all along that if he'd just release the thing, the issue would probably go away. But I think he refuses to release it for a reason, and not necessarily because he doesn't have one, or was born on foreign soil. Not releasing it helps him make his opponents look like kooks.

However, there is one aspect of this entire flap that troubles me greatly. As an example, take a look at this story about Glenn Beck's comments regarding the "birthers," as they are called. Note especially the line about, "what are you going to do? Take him out of office? You can't do that!"

Oh, really? Why not, pray tell? THAT statement bothers me, because I hear similar statements by other people about this issue. And my concern has nothing to do with the actual "birther" issue itself. It has more to do with the attitude toward a clear constitutional requirement for the presidency. A president of the United States must be a natural born citizen. So are you telling me that the Constitution doesn't matter? It can just be ignored? If it really was proven that Obama's presidency violates the Constitution, are you telling me, "too bad?"

That ought to sound off klaxon horns loudly. If there is so little will to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, we might as well abandon any pretense of having kept a republic and organize a new monarchy as soon as we can get the crown made.

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The Squirrel said...

Liberals look at the Constitution the same way that they look at the Bible... They can ignore anything that does not suit their purposes. Women in the pulpit, foreign born in the Oval Office - it just doesn't matter all that much...

We know the score, it became clear, if it wasn't already, when the Senate failed to remove Clinton from office.