Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Christian Pole Dancing?

I've said before on this blog -- and elsewhere -- that I don't expect non-Christians to act like Christians. But I DO expect Christians to act like Christians.

Today, we have the latest Miley Cyrus controversy. It appears she did a little pole dance and some other suggestive moves during a recent performance.

If this was just another pop tartlet, I wouldn't say much. But Miley has made pretty vocal public declarations of her faith in Christ, as have some other celebrities who have expressed love for Christ, then go on to do something diametrically opposite of everything for which the Lord stands. This is quite a testimony for the One who shed His blood for our sins, isn't it?

Another point. Miley is only 16, which means she's under age and presumably under the control of her parents. God will hold parents accountable over how they train up their children, or fail to correct them. I'm saddened, but am praying for Miley and her family, that God will bring them to repentance and open their eyes to how this kills their testimonies.

Sadly, this is just another example in a very sorry trend, not just in the world of celebrity Christians, but the church in general. Not too long ago on a social networking site, a very well known Christian artist posted a statement telling Christians to shut the **** up, unless they were going to talk about nothing but the love of God. In other words, we want to pick and choose the aspects of God's character we like, but ignore the rest of them, such as His holiness, His wrath and His judgment.

Pole dancing. Cursing in public. Cursing from the pulpit. Fornication and adultery. And all done with pride.

Folks, this isn't Christianity. It's apostasy.


Anonymous said...

At least pole dancing is consistent with the oufit she's wearing in that picture.

lee n. field said...

I had to look up pole dancing. It's pretty much what I figured it was.

You'd think a Christian would know that this age is passing away. I dunno, maybe you have to be older for that to register.

crownring said...

Not being conformed to this world is a challenge to all Christians, particularly the teenaged crowd. And when you're in the public eye and have millions of fans, it must be even harder not to cave in to the pressure. I'm sure Miley wants the attention, not understanding which master she is actually serving with her provocative dances. If there was ever a case for hating the sin, but loving the sinner, Miley Cyrus is a prime example.

Jack said...

Enh. I doubt that Miley Cyrus is any more a Christian than Dolly Parton. or any of those other Nashville singers. Ricky Skaggs once said that everybody talks God in Nashville, but start talking seriously about Jesus Christ specifically, and the knives come out.