Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stand Strong Pastors' Conference

I've been attending Slavic Gospel Association's 75th Anniversary Conference and Celebration and the related Stand Strong Pastors' Conference this week, hence my dearth of posts. I'll be putting up some highlights of the conferences later, but tonight I wanted to post these little tidbits from Moody Church pastor Dr. Erwin Lutzer, who keynoted a session, and Grace Community Church pastor/teacher Dr. John MacArthur, who had to send a video message due to recent surgery.

First, here's one of Dr. Lutzer's great comments . . .

"The point of conflict will always be the Cross."

And from Dr. MacArthur, addressing pastors who might be too worried about not having a "formal education" . . .

"You can't go wrong reading the Bible. You go wrong when you're "educated" by skeptics and heretics."

Again, these are only a couple of lines out of some wonderful sessions. Some of the best ones came from the guest Russian pastors, who were invited to teach American pastors what it's like to live under severe persecution. They experienced it under the communists. They know. And someday, American Christians might just be glad for the lessons.

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Caleb Kolstad said...

Sounds very good! Say hi to Pastor John for me.