Monday, September 14, 2009

The "Culture" in the Petri Dish Strikes Again

The entertainment news wires were atwitter today about the MTV video music awards this week. While the incident involving Kanye West took the headlines, I was personally more interested in something said by Madonna during the program.

Now, mind you . . . I certainly don't expect 1940s-style class and glamor from events such as this. Today, rather than exhibiting the behavior of ladies and gentlemen, one can generally expect all sorts of crass, crude, vulgar and profane behavior. But sometimes, even I am a bit surprised at how open and shameless some of these people can be, especially where children are concerned.

Madonna has certainly made the headlines for her adoptions of children from Africa. Celebrity adoptions seem to be the thing these days. Elton John was in the news today, in fact. He and his male lover apparently want to adopt a Ukrainian toddler (somehow, I don't think the Ukrainian government will allow such a thing. They haven't succumbed to political correctness yet). Anyway, back to Madonna. Below is a clip from the Fox News website article. The controversy being referenced was the incident with Kanye West, but I want you to pay close attention to what Madonna said . . .

The controversy certainly stole the spotlight from what was anticipated to be the show highlight — Madonna opening for Janet Jackson and her tribute to brother Michael.

The Queen of Pop did let us in a little secret however, she did go on a few "dates" with the late King of Pop and that she felt an overwhelming sense of guilt that she had "abandoned" him after hearing of his sudden passing. But on a (kind of) positive note, her sons aged nine and four are now "obsessed" with MJ.

"There is a lot of crotch grabbing and moon walking going on in my house," Madonna said.

Hmmm. Two boys aged nine and four. Lots of crotch-grabbing going on, imitating Michael Jackson. And Mommy apparently approves.

Somehow, I don't think this is a healthy "obsession." I need say no more, do I?


lee n. field said...

Petri Dish. That's where gross stuff grows, like bread mold but more controlled.

Kayne West. I know naught of the man or the controversy. I think I'll keep it that way.

This age is passing away.

Randy said...

Deplorable. First off: Jackson should not be emulated. Two: Madonna's motherhood is nothing more than a gutter bum. Is that strong enough? I hope so. The "Material Girl" knows as much about motherhood as stray alley cat.

crownring said...

Oh, I don't know, Randy. I've known my share of semi-feral barn cats and they generally did a pretty good job of mothering. ;)

Madonna is put it bluntly......simply bizarre. She's the quintessential Peter Pan type who has never grown up, the child within never ceasing to want attention, ANY kind of attention.

Randy said...


You have a point. I guess I owe some barn cats an apology. Ha. But, your comments about Madonna and being the Peter Pan type wanting attention was on target.

I enjoyed your comments!

Be well,