Monday, September 21, 2009

A Reminder from Dore Gold

Former Israeli diplomat Dore Gold was featured in last week's issue of World Magazine, and one of his comments toward the end of the article caught my eye.

The article is about Israel potentially having to stand alone against Iran and the nuclear quest of the mad mullahs. Ambasssador Gold is indirectly quoted as saying, "Iran's openness to talks means little, referring to the Shiite doctrine of taqiyya, which means one can lie outwardly as long as he believes what is true in his heart (emphasis mine).

Hmmm. If that is indeed an Islamic doctrine, then how in the world can you take anything the Iranian government says seriously? For that matter, how can you ultimately believe any devout Muslim of that persuasion, especially if something pertaining to advancement of a political or religious agenda is at stake?

Our current political leadership might ought to take that into consideration.

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