Sunday, September 13, 2009

Want Some Fun?

Every time I take a hiatus from the blog, something pops in the news that begs comment, or at least some fun.

The outrage is thick over Congressman Joe Wilson's outburst during President Obama's speech on health care a few days ago. And I should say, it probably wasn't the brightest thing to have done. The media makes Republicans and conservatives look like jerks anyway. We shouldn't give them ammunition.

Anyway, I began thinking about how rare such outbursts are in Congress. I've often thought that some fireworks now and then might help shake things up. If you've ever watched the British House of Commons during Prime Minister's Questions on C-SPAN, they make our Representatives and Senators look like a bunch of bovines placidly chewing their cud out in the pasture. The MPs boo, hiss, guffaw, jeer and cheer, and occasionally even get escorted off the premises for rude and disorderly conduct.

Needless to say, I enjoy every minute of it.

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