Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Buchanan: Traditionalists Losing Their Nation

Always worth reading even when I don't necessarily agree with him, Pat Buchanan has a thought-provoking column today.

The last paragraphs are especially captivating, and are some things for liberals to consider why traditionalists are so outraged.

And while you're at it, check out this little article about how George W. Bush basically jettisoned Reaganism, thus helping to set the stage for the hard times being experienced by the GOP right now. Very revealing.


Palm boy said...

I'm seeing this column posted everywhere I turn today, and for good reason.

Rob Auld said...

Oh, the White Christian Male is completely disadvantaged in this society. We've had it so difficult over the years.

Seriously, conservatives with Bush destroyed the economy, got involved in Iraq lost the war in Afghansitan while losing the war in Iraq.

You had your opportunity and ruined the world. Now it's time for the progressives to fix the mess you created.

BTW, how did you folks do on the social issues? Gay marriage? Abortion? I think you 'failed' there too. With all of these failures why should anyone listen to you?

Solameanie said...

My, my, Rob. The first time I hear a squeak from you in months, and you give me a bunch of vinegar.

Your attempt at rattling my cage failed, if you want a good "fail" for today. I am not surprised at all at the turn of events. Bush was hardly a real conservative, as I have said quite often. The problem is that genuine conservatism is not followed.

Aside from that, let me hit what is more important, Scripture -- both in a prophetic sense and in praxis. If you look at Scripture, you'll find that these things will indeed get worse and worse before the Lord returns. Does that mean we don't speak out against them and evangelize? Of course not. The lack of a society to do what is right, or to heed the warning, does not mean that the message or warning is wrong. Rather, they are in sin and will be held accountable for their sin. Just like so-called believers who embrace a false Gospel and false doctrine, and peddle those false doctrines to others.